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This article aims to answer all your questions regarding What Does Objection Hearsay mean and to help you build knowledge on this legal term.

Do you belong to the field of law? Or do you have an interest in legal proceedings? Even if none of this works for you, still you probably feel curious about the legal term “Objection Hearsay”, as nowadays, the phrase is frequently seen in the news headlines.

Due to these news headlines, the legal phrase has become a Worldwide trending topic on the internet. So, today we will tell you about What Does Objection Hearsay mean and the reason responsible for its popularity.

Why Is the Topic going Viral?

If you keep track of the film industry, you know that the most happening news in Hollywood is the legal fight between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. Johnny has sued Amber for $50 million due to her article published in The Washington Post in 2018, where Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence.

In the reaction to Johnny’s sue, Heard has sued him back for $100 million. This case is the sole reason for the popularity of the question What Does Objection Hearsay Mean in Court. On Monday, during the legal hearing of this case in the court, Amber’s lawyer accidentally put Objection Hearsay on his question, which caused laughter in the court and the origin of people’s curiosity regarding this legal phase. 

Amber’s lawyer, Mr Rottenborn, made this blunder while questioning Ben King, the house manager of Johnny Depp, during the trial. As the trial is streaming on various platforms, the incident went viral instantly.

About Objection Hearsay

We can already see from the name that it is a type of legal objection. As per the answers to What Does Objection Hearsay Mean in Court, Hearsay is a term that defines a piece of document or a statement that quotes someone who is not present in the court at that moment and may not come to testify the statement.

In such a condition, when the person who quoted is not within reach, it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to check the credibility of such statements and documents. That’s why the Hearsay evidence is not admissible in the legal court. So, when a lawyer puts an objection over such evidence, it is called “Objection Hearsay”.

Exceptions of What Does Objection Hearsay Do

Though we learned that Hearsay evidence is not acceptable in the courts, there are some exceptions where “Objection Hearsay” cannot be put on such evidence. Those exceptional cases are mentioned here –

  • A statement in a moment of excitement
  • The quotation is made from a well-maintained official document or record, but only if there is a certified witness to support the record’s credibility.
  • If someone makes such a statement against their interest


Though this particular legal term has become a trending search on the internet due to a legal fight between two renowned personalities, knowing the meaning of What Does Objection Hearsay mean can add to your knowledge. Here you can learn more about Objection Hearsay. Do you want to share any feedback for our articles? Mention them in the comments.

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