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What Happened At Western University {Sep} Read Here!

We discussed the topic of what happened at western university and human rights. Please read the whole article to know more about this topic.

What did happen at Western University recently? What is Gender-based violence? What rights does a victim have against these incidents? Where is the western university located? If you wish to learn about any of these topics, continue reading.

Western University is located in three different places; London, Canada and Ontario. Recently at Western University London, violence based on gender and alleged sexual violence happened. As a result, people wonder everything about Canada, the United Statesand other concerned places, What Happened at Western University.

Western University 

The Western University of London, Ontario, also known as Western University. It was established on March 7th, 1878. Western university is an Internationally ranked college. 

The College provides four major fields in research; the human and physical environments, life sciences and the human condition, culture analysis and values, public policy, economic activity and social trends. 

The campus also incorporates Environment and Sustainability. The campus committee is serious about environmental sustainability. So they follow sustainability principles. For example, teaching ways to efficient usage of energy.

The Western University is in the headlines lately. A case of gender-based violence and sexual violence came into the light.

What Happened at Western University?

On Saturday night around 2 pm in North West London, police came across an assault case. The assault happened near the Western University campus. As per police statements, they located a man with serious injuries. He was sent to the hospital in critical condition. The victim was a student resident at Western University.

The University officials have responded to the case. They said they would not tolerate sexual or gender-based violence. They will take harsh action against the assaulters. However, they will not sabotage the safety of their student residents. 

The police and college committee is investigating the case. Unfortunately, further details are not released as to What Happened at Western University.

What is Gender-based violence?

Gender-based violence means physical attack or any other harmful act directed towards a person based on their gender. The cause is gender inequality and abuse of power. History shows that attacks are generally towards women. But lately, attacks towards men are also taking place.

Rights of a Victim

Here we will discuss some general rights that a victim has as per UN declaration.

  • To get protection and this right imposes an obligation on the government.
  • Victims have all rights to access justice and seek remedy.
  • The victim should be recognized and treated equally.
  • Right of Due process

What Happened at Western University can happen with anyone. One should be aware of their rights. Filing a report with the concerned authority is crucial to seek justice. The victim must speak up and seek remedy. 

People violating the law are subject to punishments. The burden lies with the judiciary to provide justice.


Cases of violence all around the world are increasing. Gender-based violence and sexual violence are common. This indicates that people with power are abusing it. The root cause of these incidents are lack of learning and gender inequality. 

If you wish to know more about Human rights, click on the link.

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