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What Happened To Norris Nuts Dog (July) Let Us Know Here

What Happened To Norris Nuts Dog (July) Let Us Know Here >> The article talks about a popular YouTube Channel family and news surrounding their life.

Well, you all would have surely heard about Justin Norris, who happens to be an Olympic Swimmer, known for winning a bronze medal at Sydney Games. However, he is also popular as the father of Norris’s siblings whose YouTube Channel Norris Nuts has a huge fan following across the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, they are back in the news, but this time for something that is not so hunky-dory. A few days back, they adopted a puppy, and the fans now want to know What Happened to Norris Nuts Dog. So, we bring you a detailed report. Scroll down.

Who are Norris Nuts?

To begin with, the Norris Nuts is a popular YouTube channel, which is run by Sabre Norris and her other siblings, Biggy, Sockie, Disco, and Naz, in addition to her parents Brooke Norris and Justin Norris. The channel posts regular videos that showcase the family’s real-life happenings. It has a total of 3.42 million subscribers in addition to garnering over 950 million views.

Lately, the parents got the Norris siblings a little puppy. Herein, viewers want to know What Happened to Norris Nuts Dog and whether it is alive or not. In the below sections, we would present it in detail. So, continue to read below.

Norris Nuts and Their Pet Dog

The Norris parents Justin and Brooke, recently brought a puppy named Bubba for the Norris sisters. Moreover, the dog was introduced on their YouTube video wherein the family is seen getting excited to welcome the new member. The little pet is also seen having too much fun playing with the siblings. In addition, it is allured by their love.

But as per sources, the little puppy passed away. So, here we present the entire information.

What Happened to Norris Nuts Dog?

A video was recently released by Justin Norris and Brooke Norris; wherein, the parents are seen talking about the sad demise of their pet Bubba. As per the video, the family is extremely saddened by losing their pet. But, furthermore, it was revealed that the puppy lost its life due to an accident.

Fans’ Reactions

The channel did receive a lot of reactions on the particular video. Fans are extremely disheartened to hear the news. Besides, many have also elaborated on Justin and Brooke’s kindness to divulge the news to fans about What Happened to Norris Nuts Dog.

Moreover, fans have also extended their love about what the kids might be feeling about losing their favorite puppy.

Closing Thoughts

While the Norris Nuts channel is extremely popular among fans, especially the teenagers, that includes showcasing their daily life and tribulations, the recent news of their dog did come as a shock. 

The family is saddened, and fans feel connected to the YouTube channel knowing about the siblings and their favorite pet. We hope this article answers your question to What Happened to Norris Nuts Dog. Watch here to know more

Are you also a fan of the Norris Nuts channel? Then, do share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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