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Information about a website that is telecasting the recently launched Marvel anime series What if Cuevana with Spanish and English subtitles.

We always imagined our favourite anime character playing a different role and still win the battle. Do you think this idea is good to explore? Yes, Marvel Studios did it! Do you wish to watch popular shows, videos and film from around the world? But, does understanding different regional languages make it difficult for you to understand the concepts? Do you know about a website that is successfully providing a solution for this?

Viewers Worldwide would like to know about such competence provided by the website. Especially watching the What if Cuevana series hikes the enthusiasm of the viewers. So, let’s explore what Cuevana 3 has got for its viewers.

What is Cuevana 3? is popular among the viewers as Cuevana 3. It is a website that Tomas Escobar, Mario Cardosio and 

David Fernandez created. Cuevana offers film, videos and different series in original language with subtitles in Spanish and English. It makes it easy for the users to watch the videos and understand the concept. 

Cuevana does not store the videos. But, it uses a plugin to stream the content. 

Marvel Studios Cuevana 3 What If series:

On 11th August 2021, Marvel Studio released the What if series for the Disney platform. What if series was telecasted on Disney+. Writer A.C. Bradley was inspired by a pizza rat video posted by a commuter Matt. Matt shot a video of a rat dragging a pizza, and he did not interfere with what the rat was doing. Immediately after posting a pizza rat video on social media, he got 4.7 million views.

Concept of What if series: 

Based on this, Marvel studio created a What if series where the alien watcher race observes the multiverse. In Cuevana 3 What If series, the alien watcher race who are most powerful does not interfere (or) interact with what is happening in the multiverse except in rare situations. With this concept, Marvel Studios created the What if series where characters’ powers are interchanged (or) a normal character gains the powers and becomes a superhero. 

The Plot:

In the first episode of What if, Peggy Carter become the world’s first super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers. In the second episode, T’Challa becomes the Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. The third episode shows that Hank Pym kills all Avengers to take revenge for his daughter’s death. In What if Cuevana, Loki is showcased as a hero who defeats Hank Pym. Later, Fury is shown making a team of new heros.


With surprising and unexpected changes to the characters, the What if series  became popular tremendously. Therefore, viewers started watching the What if series on Cuevana 3 with subtitles. It becomes interesting to watch what the consequences, changes in the storyline and how the multiverse and feature get affected. As a result, Cuevana 3 gained popularity on Android and iOS additional to thousands of followers on social media.

Which character in What if Cuevana did you like? Kindly let us know below.

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