What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias (March) Read The Story!

What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias (Aug) Read The Story!

What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias (March) Read The Story! >> Was he a kind man or was he an angry young man? Read this article and find out the correct answer.

Did you read the sonnet Ozymandias in your English Literature syllabus? Included in most of the high school boards in India, Ozymandias is something worth reading.

Named in Greek after the pharaoh, Ozymandias has been recognized and appreciated by many. You must read it if you haven’t. 

However, the primary purpose of this article is to answer the most important question asked by students after reading this piece of literature- What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias?

So, let us learn the answer together!

What is Ozymandias?

For all those who have no idea about Ozymandias- it is a sonnet written by Percy Bysshe Shelly and first published in The Examiner on 11 January 1818. The Examiner was the weekly paper published in London.

A sonnet was originated in Italian poetry and is a poem consisting of 14 lines that use any number of formal rhyme schemes.

Horace Smith published another sonnet named Ozymandias in The Examiner three weeks after Shelly published his. But today, in this article titled What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias, we will focus on the poem by Shelly.

Summary of the poem Ozymandias:

A traveller tells the poet that two massive stone legs are standing in the desert near the statue’s damaged stone head. The face is described by a frown, wrinkled lip, and a cold sneer. 

About the poem:

Ozymandias is the Greek name of the pharaoh Ramesses II, famous for erecting many architectural buildings. 

It discusses the fate of history and the ravages of time, making even the most remarkable men and their empires impermanent—their legacies and fate decay and become oblivion 

In the article What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias, we mention that this poem is about the rulers’ pretentiousness to greatness and their inevitable decline..

The words written on the inscription are in ironic contrast with the surroundings, as explained in the poem. 

This sonnet is a complete mock of those in power who believe that nothing can bring them down.

The vain boast of the king has been reduced to nothingness by time. Even the gigantic statue of his is reduced to a shattered face, two legs and a pedestal. 

What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias?

After reading what was written on the pedestal and seeing the expressions carved on the statue’s face, it is clear how proud and oppressive Ozymandias was. However, he was filled with hubris and had a cold heart. 

He was a ruthless king who was stupid and lacked wisdom, humility and farsightedness.

The power of nature and time brought an end to the king and his vain achievements.


We hope that this article was clear and helpful to you, and now you have found the answer to the question- What Kind of Man Was Ozymandias?

So, ace your exams, whether you live in India or any other country, by learning about this poem, Ozymandias .

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