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What Station Is Miss Universe on (May) Read The News!

What Station Is Miss Universe on (May) Read The News! >> The article gives a detailed description of the beauty pageant that has gathered appreciative popularity in people.

Are you into witnessing the event organized by Miss University Organization (MUO)? This is the 69th anniversary of the pageant this year. This beauty pageant is organized this year in the United Statespeople are enthusiastic to see this amazing competition.

Today’s article is on- What Station Is Miss Universe on. It has been found that around 74 women are competing for the title of Miss Universe.

If you are interested in knowing more about the title and crown of Miss Universe, keep reading further for details.

What Is Miss Universe?

This year Miss Universe celebrated its 69th anniversary on the 16th of May. It has been found that there are two special awards, these are distributed as best national costume, social impact award, and carnival spirit award. While this leads people to the question of – What Station Is Miss Universe on?

The competition has rounds before the final one; first the models compete in preliminary presenting their beautiful gowns and swimsuits, including an interview in closed doors. Then semi-final round is held where 21 participants qualified.

The chosen 21 competed in the swimsuits; unlike the past event, the round for opening statement was removed. It was replaced by a selection of top ten, who wore astonishingly beautiful evening gowns. Next, 5/10 were chosen for the final round, including a question answered by the closing statement. Last was impromptu on random politicized topics after that winner was announced.

What Station Is Miss Universe on (Broadcast)

The competition was postponed due to the rise of the covid pandemic; it was supposed to happen in late 2020. Whereas it held on 16th May 2021. Before the pandemic, 7 contestants were crowned as Miss Universe. It was being broadcasted on Fox Live.

It was also broadcasted at 8 pm on the cable channel of FYI. If you are interested in seeing it in the Spanish language, tune in the Telemundo simultaneously. It was also live streaming on Youtube Channel.


While researching for- What Station Is Miss Universe on? The article kept a separate section for the most favorite part of the watchers as well as readers. Who won the beauty pageant? Read further.

The winner of the title and crown of Miss Universe 2021 was Andrea Meza, aged 26. She got crowned by the successor Zozibini Tunzi. She was also known to be the third runner in the Miss Mexicana Universal 2020 and the first runner up in Miss World 2017. If you want to know more about this event, click on this to see details.


In the final verdict of the article, hoping you got the answer to – What Station Is Miss Universe onThe competition is loved and appreciated worldwide. It has been even seen that model wore 6 yards long saree inspired by lotus. 

Comment Below – Who is your favorite model and why until now?

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