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What Was Earlier Called Tokyo {June} Explore This Hint!

We are here with the answer to What Was Earlier Called Tokyo, which was from the popular word game Daily Themed Crossword.

Are you the one who plays crossword puzzles? Have you heard of the Daily Themed Crossword game? Or are you looking for the answer to yesterday’s question? Daily Themed Crossword game is a brain puzzling word game that provides an opportunity for fun and learning by solving crosswords.

Players across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia play this game regularly. However, yesterday’s puzzle, What Was Earlier Called Tokyo, was the most searched query. If you don’t know, we have got the exact answer here.

What was Tokyo called earlier?

If solving a crossword daily is your hobby, and if you play Daily Themed Crossword, you must have come across this question in yesterday’s puzzle. So, with no further delay, check what Tokyo was known before.

The answer to this is related to the history of the capital of Japan. The correct answer is a three-letter word, i.e., EDO. Yes, this is the answer to what people were looking for yesterday, i.e., the 6th June Daily Themed Crossword game.

What Tokyo Was Earlier Called Daily Themed Crossword game?

Edo is what Tokyo named historically. Japan’s monarch ruled in solitary glory in the ancient city of Kyoto during the Tokugawa Shoguns’ rule. However, Edo, where the Tokugawa resided and governed the country, was the ultimate epicentre of authority, government, business, and social interactions.

Therefore, Edo is more than an ancient city for most Japanese people; it has a significant picture and value, as well. Edo encapsulates almost everything they believe to be a part of their tradition and culture.

What is a Daily Themed Crossword game?

It is a crossword game developed by PlaySimple Games LTD and available to install on any android and iOS device. What Was Earlier Called Tokyo was one of the queries highlighted from the game.

The crosswords are available based on multiple themes and cover topics like technology, history, sports, business, etc. You can start playing the games from anywhere, anytime, at your fingertip. So, give your brain the exercise it needs by solving hundreds of crossword puzzles.

Moreover, enhance your general knowledge and become a master. Sometimes the puzzles are easy to crack, while other times, it is challenging. In such a situation, you need a guide, and we provided here the answer to the question What Was Earlier Called Tokyo.

What other similar games can you play?

You can keep your brain active and your mind sharp by sitting and solving puzzles and crosswords. You also get an opportunity for fun while answering the questions and learning new vocabulary and things from vivid topics.

Apart from Daily Themed Crossword, you can also play similar games like Crosswords with friends, NYT crossword, daily pop crosswords, LA Times daily crosswords, etc.


Games like daily-themed crosswords based on general awareness are a wonderful way to engage the minds. If you also want to play this game on your android device, here is the link you can check.

Do you now know What Was Earlier Called Tokyo? Comment down and tell us if you find our guide helpful.

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