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When Is The Airship Coming To Among Us (Jan) Know Here!

When Is The Airship Coming To Among Us (Jan) Know Here! >> The write-up shares details of the new and upcoming game map and updates gamers about it.

Among Us is the space-based thriller game that has attracted many gaming influencers in the United States. The mobile game released in 2020 and emerged as the popular gaming choice for people of all ages. The game’s massive fasciations and appeal encouraged the developers to release additional upgrades, including the new map, Among Us Airship. When Is the Airship Coming to Among Us, the question that many gamers are asking now?

The airship is the fourth map, and it is scheduled to release in early 2021. The developers have not confirmed the date when it would grace the gaming screen in 2021. The developers want to keep the gamers guessing for now.

What is Airship Map in Among Us?

The Airship is the upcoming map on Among Us, and it will be released in early 2021 in the Henry Stickmin game, infiltrating the Airship. The Toppat Clan Airship is the last series of games by Henry Stickmin released by Innersloth, the Among Us developer.       

The new map trailer has been released, and the voice narrating the trailer belongs to Marcus Bromander, who is playing Reginald Copperbottom in the game. He also played the role of a leader in the Toppat Clan games. 

The latest map is already attracting the attention of the gamer in the United States. The new map is based on the Airship owned by Toppat Clan, and the size of the map is large. So, you can expect more tasks and nine more rooms. The new map also promises to deliver multiple cosmetics based on Henry Stickmin.  

When Is the Airship Coming to Among Us: Release Date

Before releasing the biggest Airship map on Among Us, the game already got launched on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of the game features cross-platform that allows mobile, PC players to play as a team.

The Airship Map was officially announced on Sept 2020 by Innersloth. It is the upcoming map that will be added to the Among Us game in early 2021. The new map would be free for all players. 

Officials have not confirmed the release date of the new map. After evaluating, we have only noticed that the officials confirmed the new big map would be available on Among Us in early 2021. However, no confirmation regarding the release date of the new map is available. So, players still have to guess and search online When Is the Airship Coming to Among Us.

What Updates to Expect from New Airship Map?

  • The upcoming Airship map is the fourth biggest map on Among Us
  • The map is based on the Henry Stickmin series
  • The map is the biggest one 
  • More tasks are added to the new map
  • Multiple cosmetics are available related to Henry Stickmin
  • Allows creating online games with the same settings
  • Players will be allowed to play as the lobby has 4-5 players 


The Airship is the new map on Among Us that is already grabbing the attention of online gamers. It is the biggest map with more cosmetic tasks and other upgrades, and you are likely to see the new map in early 2021.

Until the new map is released and you know When Is the Airship Coming to Among Us, you may share your views in the comment section below.

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