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Where Is Comet Leonard Now (Dec 2021) Read Updates!

This article below is about Where Is Comet Leonard Now to help our readers know about the Comet Leonard’s timings, position, location, and visibility.

Are you a fanatic for Solar System or the universe? Do you often read about comets? Then, this article is the best way to know about a comet Leonard.

Several individuals across the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world are currently looking for information about Comet Leonard.

Do they also want to know that Where Is Comet Leonard Now? People looking for this information can go through this guide by scrolling down.

What is the current visibility of Comet Leonard?

Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 is visible above the horizon from Greenwich, U.K. It may be seen at an altitude of thirty-six above the horizon when gazing East-South-East.

Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 can be seen with a tiny binocular due to its current magnitude. 

Are you looking to view the amazing view in the sky? If your answer is yes, you look for an amazing view in the sky, you must arrange for binoculars.

Where Is Comet Leonard Now?

The comet Leonard, called C/2021 A1, is now in the Bootes constellation. 

Comet Leonard C/2021 A1’s current Declination is +18° 51′ 10,” and its Right Ascension is 15h 05m 07s (top centric coordinates compute selected location, i.e., Greenwich, U.K.

Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) has a currently estimated magnitude of JPL 8.66, although the most recent observed magnitude is COBS 6.8.

What is the distance of Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 from Earth?

The distance between Earth and Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) is currently 0.292855 Astronomical Units or 43,810,533 kilometers. So, check Where Is Comet Leonard Now before searching.

From Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 to the Earth, light travels for two minutes and 26.1362 seconds. Its specifications include the following:

  • Distance AU- 0.292855
  • Travel Time of Light- Two minutes and 26.1362 seconds
  • Distance in Kilometres- 43 810 533

What is Comet Leonard’s closest approach to the Earth?

The nearest approach of Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) to Earth from January 2014 to January 2100 occurs on Monday, December 13, 2021, at a distance of 35,005,384 kilometers, or 0.233997 Astronomical Units. 

Its specifications of closest approach are as follows:

  • Distance AU- 0.233997
  • Distance in Kilometers- 35 005 384. Also, explore Where Is Comet Leonard Now .
  • Date- Monday, December 13, 2021

Additional facts of Comet Leonard:

Comet Leonard or C/2021 A1 has a current visual magnitude of 8.66. Its brightness of C/2021 A1 is as follows:

  • COBS or Coma Diameter- 11.8’
  • COBS or Observed Magnitude- 6.8
  • JPL or Estimated Magnitude- 8.66

The set and rise times of C/2021 A1 or Leonard Comet are as follows:

  • Set Time (Azimuth- 287.3º) – 17:35
  • Transit (Maximum Altitude- 56.9 º) – 9:58
  • Rise Time- (Azimuth- 70.6 º) – 2:09 

Final Verdict:

C/2021 A1 or Comet Leonard may be seen currently with binoculars as it is visible. You may check here for more details on Where Is Comet Leonard Now and other interesting facts about Comet Leonard .

Comet Leonard is like many other comets, a frozen gas, dust, and rocks ball. It is expected to get closer and brighter to the horizon each morning till Saturday, December 11, 2021. Please leave comments.

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