Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020 (Dec) Reveal the Facts.


Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020 (Dec) Reveal the Facts. >> Are you a music buff and want to know where Jingle Ball Concert 2020 is being held? Read this article to find out.

Are you a fan of the popular Jingle Ball concert that takes place every year? This concert ranks high on the list of music enthusiasts not only in the United States but also worldwide.

The event has such soaring popularity that it is one of the most-watched musical events to commemorate the Christmas celebrations. 

But keeping the current situation in mind, the concert fans are skeptical if the event is taking place this year or not.

This is more pronounced in the wake of rumors doing the rounds that the concert may be canceled.Don’t worry! If you want to know Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020, read the following article.

What is the Jingle Ball concert?

Jingle ball is a musical concert that takes place annually in early-to-mid-December. This popular concert is produced by the radio station of Los Angeles KIIS-FMThe concert features the hottest artists who sing famous Christmas songs to celebrate the festive spirit.

For the uninitiated, the inaugural Jingle Ball concert took place on December 15, 1995. Since 2000, the annual concert has taken place at different venues across the United States.No wonder, in the eventful year of 2020 the fans are in a frenzy as they want to know Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020

Where to watch the momentous concert?

This holiday season, Jingle Ball concert is not taking place in an arena.Instead, it is a virtual event. Today’s popular music artists will perform virtually for their passionate fans, bringing this euphoric event to the comforts of their homes.All this in the historic year of 2020, when they need it the most.Fans can watch it live and free on the CW app or at-

  • 9 AM ET on Thursday, 10th December 
  • 6 PM PT on Thursday, 10th December 

After getting an answer to Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020, let us understand how to watch it?

How to watch Jingle Ball 2020?

  • Download the CW app on your TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, or Android TV. On mobile devices, download on iOS, Android, Windows, or Amazon Fire
  • Open the app
  • Listen to the never-heard-before Christmas songs

Just to add, if you are unable to watch the live-streaming, watch the Jingle Ball’s television broadcast at-

  • 8 pm ET/PT on Monday, 14th December, on The CW. 

Final Verdict:

The Jingle Ball concert has a huge fan following worldwide. Of course, the euphoria that comes with a live concert is unbeatable. No wonder fans are desperate to know Where to Watch Jingle Ball 2020?

Much to their relief, the concert organizers have taken a wise step to air the concert virtually. We hope you will enjoy the concert in its new avatar this year!Feel free to add to this article by posting your comments.

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