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Which Five States Border Massachusetts {August} Read!

This post on Which Five States Border Massachusetts will guide our readers about the correct answers of the Microsoft Bing Supersonic Quiz.

Have you ever participated in any quiz competition in your childhood or adult stages of life? People in the United States find this quiz competition very interesting, and they firmly believe these quizzes help children. Microsoft Bing Supersonic Quiz recently came into the news. When they asked the participants Which Five States Border Massachusetts, most of the participants did not know the answer. Kindly read this article to learn more about this Quiz. This article includes information related to the Supersonic  Quiz.

Supersonic Quiz Question

Microsoft Rewards Bing Home Trivial came with the question related to the five states bordering Massachusetts. With this question, several options of the question were given to participants.

 And the options are:

  • Rhode Island 
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire

With these options, participants were in a untaught state, they didn’t know the correct answer, so here are the correct answers to the question of Which Five States Border Massachusetts

Five Correct Answers are:

  • Vermont 
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut

More Information About The Quiz 

The “Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz” asked three questions about Massachusetts. According to the Quiz point scheme, each question has five correct answers, giving the participants ten points. If the participants chose four suitable options and one option is incorrect, then the answer is considered to be the wrong, and no grace point will be awarded to participants. So, one has to choose all five correct options to earn the ten points.

The Questions of Which Five States Border Massachusetts (Supersonic Quiz)

“Microsoft Rewards Bing Homepage Supersonic Quiz” asked two more questions related to Massachusetts. And the questions are:

  1. Which five colleges and universities are in Massachusetts?
  2. Which five museums are in Massachusetts?

The answer to the first question: Which five colleges and universities are in Massachusetts is

  • Tufts
  • Harvard
  • Berklee College of Music
  • William
  • Wellesley.

The answer to the second question: Which five museums are in Massachusetts is

  • Paul Revere House
  • USS Constitution Museum
  • Mayflower 2
  • JFK Presidential Library
  • Springfield Armory

People replied to the question of Supersonic Quiz (Which Five States Border Massachusetts)

One user said the quiz did not appear on the screen even after refreshing the page. The team replied to the user that, it must be a glitch from the user’s side.


Wrapping up this write-up, we have informed our readers about the questions being asked by the Microsoft Binge Supersonic Quiz related to Massachusetts, and we have provided correct answers to each question. The link given below is the source of this post. You can check it out for more details.

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