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Which Glasses are Best Suited for Men?

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Which glasses are best suited for men?: Looking for accessories that speak your style? These glasses do exactly what they are made for. 

Are you a sucker for glasses? If yes, then you have landed on the exact right page. Glasses are the domain that will never move out of the trend, once medical equipment is now one of the most donned fashion accessories. 

Accessories are just limited to women, they are much admired by men as well. And glasses are the one that is equally admired among every gender. 

When did the glasses gain prominence?

Well, the glasses have the bigger picture to play from the very beginning. Earlier it was the sunglasses. From Merilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, they have donned the sunglasses in their films and even on the movie screens. Hepburn made the usage of wayfarers much interesting and popular in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

The glasses were used at various movies but they didn’t gain much popularity as sunglasses. 

But one thing one should always remember is that fashion is absolutely unstable and it is not necessary that if sunglasses were in trend at some point it would still hold the widest grounds. The change in time and development in trends brought the changes in response to the glasses. Sunglasses never went out of trend but the glasses took to the forefront, soon people both in the celebrity realm and in the mainstream. People started wearing more glasses but societal acceptance was still a wide point to be covered. 

Earlier, wearing glasses was considered to be super uncool and geeky. People would be considered super nerdy and how the table turns as the current fashion trends consider nerdy to be super fashionable. 

Being uncool is now cool, everyone wants their geek chic look to be enhanced much more, they are not embarrassed or afraid to be called a geek. People have even shifted their preference towards vintage collecting when retro is gaining prominence and popularity. 

The boom of retro fashion is not just limited to trying out round or oversized square glasses but, they are way seeded into the fashion such as from clothes to shoes and even to the way of living. 

Men’s glasses 

Well, when we are talking extensively about the glasses, here are a few suggestions for men’s glasses that you could actually consider while shopping for glasses. 

Aviator sunglasses- Well, it is nearly impossible if we are considering making a list of glasses for men and not including aviator sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses for men  became a style statement in itself, it’s the top bridge that makes them absolutely stunning and different from the rest. The iconic teardrop shape is actually a stealer of trends and could in no way be replaced by another trend. Every time you might think that aviators are no longer a trend, they make a comeback with much force. The moment these are on, the personality escalates ten times than usual. Never miss an opportunity to adore your wardrobe with these beauties.

Retro glasses- Retro style has gained momentum like no other, be it the circle styled or square, the glasses are considered to be 50s, nerdy and geeky, and adorned by many. If you are an old soul and have always looked for something that satisfies the old school kid you are, these are the perfect choice for the same. Pairing your retro glasses with flared pants and tiny tees, it already sounds as if we have reached the early 90s, sounds soothing as always. 

Minimalist glasses- The term minimalist is not just fashion-oriented, there is much more to it. Minimalism also comes under the way of living and also in the house architecture as well. The art of minimalism, the use of the basics, and discarding the unnecessary. Metal glasses are the best example when it comes to defining minimalistic style glasses. They are lightweight, comfortable, and minimal in trend. It could be in a circle or in a square, what feels the least on your face and high on fashion should be your choice. 

Minimalist glasses- If you are a fan of big chunky frames, this maximalism style is everything for you. This style is all about when you actually want to go a little over the board with your fashion. Maximalism of accessory can be in relation to the colour or size of the accessory that is outspoken and it absolutely depends on the choice of preference of the person. 

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