Which Period Did the Ice Age End (Aug) Read Facts Below!

Which Period Did the Ice Age End (Aug) Read Facts Below!

Which Period Did the Ice Age End (Aug) Read Facts Below! >> The guide shares comprehensive data about the Ice Age collapse and the underlying causes of it.  

The Ice Age started about 2.4 million years ago, as suggested by the scientific data. It lasted until 11,500 years ago and was known for the assassination of 3/4 of huge animals and mammals on Earth. 

According to the new research and scientific data, the end of the Ice Age was also liable for increasing the monsoon rainfall in India. It is because, during the Ice Age period, the climate keeps on changing rapidly between the cold periods when glaciers covered significant parts of the Earth.

Now people are eager to know Which Period Did the Ice Age End and the underlying causes.

What is Ice Age?

Ice Age is the long period when there was a reduction of temperature on the surface and atmosphere of Earth. It resulted in the expansion and presence of polar and continental ice sheets along with alpine glaciers. 

It is believed that the climatic changes took place between the greenhouse periods and Ice Ages when there were no glaciers on the Earth. The increase of rainfall in India during the monsoon is the result of Ice Age extinction. Today, Earth is in the Quatemary Glaciation.       

Which Period Did the Ice Age End?

According to researches and studies, the Ice Age finally ended 11,700 Years ago. It was concluded when the tilt angle of the earth’s axis started approaching the higher values. The stronger and longer summer months melted down the massive ice sheet, forcing the climate into a warm and inter-glacial state. 

There were seventeen cycles between the intern-glacial and glacial periods. The glacial time was longer than the interglacial time. The last glacial period was recorded 100 000 years ago, and it ended 25 000 years ago. So, the answer to Which Period Did the Ice Age End is 11 700 years ago, and the earth is in the warm interglacial period.   

What Causes the Ice Age to End?

Studies have confirmed that Ice Age ended last million years ago when the tilt angle of the earth’s axis starts approaching the higher values. During the summer and humid months, the summer melted the larger ice sheet in Northern Hemisphere, resulting in hot and warm climatic changes and bringing it to an inter-glacial state.  

The summer energy levels were higher at that time, Ice Age termination started, and the higher energy production caused the rapid collapse of the ice sheets. 

So, Which Period Did the Ice Age End and what caused the termination of the Ice Age are clear! When glacier increases and moves across the landscapes, it propels the sediments and rocks. As the ice starts melting, it leaves residues behind, which are called moraines. Based on the moraines, it is evident when the Ice Age ended and what causes the Ice Age collapse.   


The climatic changes and global warming result from the Ice Age collapse, and scientists are still researching the major underlying causes for Ice Age termination. 

Based on the researches and studies, it is confirmed that Ice Age lasted till 11 700 years ago. So, the answer to Which Period Did the Ice Age End is that it ended 11 700 years ago. 

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