Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform? {Feb}

Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform

Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform? {Feb} >> There are several cloud service providers; however, which is the best? Check below to know.

Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform? Do you want to know about it?

Business infrastructure, applications, products, services, everything is creating its way to the cloud platform. Cloud computing platforms are in high demand because of its computing power and data storage capacity.

Several readers of the Philippines and India are curious about top commercial cloud platform service providers. So, today we will explore the leading service provider worldwide.

What are the top commercial cloud platform providers?

Cloud is a known term, mainly designed to build cold storage for the computer system. Today’s smooth workflow depends on business data and how properly it is computed. Following ‘Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform?’ questions, we will list below some globally known service providers-

  • Amazon Web Service.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Google Cloud.

Amazon Web Service: AWS was established in 2002 and has become the most popular global cloud service provider. It offers several services, such as AWS Data Transfer, Virtual Private Cloud, Dynamo DB, EC2, Cloud Trail, Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Cloud Watch, Route 53, Simple Email Service, etc.

In case you are worried about security, then AWS will satisfy you, as their main priority is cloud security. It also offers various services for security purposes like DDoS mitigation, infrastructure security data encryption, etc.

Microsoft Azure: Further ‘Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform?’-it is another top cloud service provider serving few years after AWS and Google cloud but, in this short period, it has gained millions of happy clients from Italy and the United States and other continents.

A plethora of services from different categories has been provided by Microsoft Azure- Security, AI + Machine Learning, Blockchain, Developer Tools, Microsoft Azure Stack, etc. It follows an advanced security system and services.

Google Cloud: Google provides this service, and comparing with AWS and Microsoft Azure, it offers most of the same benefits to its clients. The services include various categories like security, storage, Dev Ops, and much more.

The Google cloud has provided the services contain API Management, Developer Tools, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Management Tools, Migration, etc.

Besides the above Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform?

  • IBM Cloud: It is built by the IBM group, provides several services regarding business could computing. IBM cloud contains SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services through the hybrid cloud, private cloud, and public cloud models.
  • Oracle Cloud: The services is provided by Oracle Corporation, which offers Networking, Application Development, Business Analytics, Load Balancing, Ravello, EPM, Blockchain Applications, CX, ERP, DNS Monitoring, and so on.
  • Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba cloud is another popular cloud provider; initially it was built for its e-com eco-system, now it offers for public use. It provides Data Technology, Elastic Computing, Security, etc.


We have listed above the most famous and widely recognized cloud service providers for answering ‘Which Service Is a Major Commercial Cloud Platform?’ and to educate our readers, kindly check the list and gain knowledge.

Which cloud service do you use? Share below.

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