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Which State Has the Highest Relative Humidity {Jan}

Which State Has the Highest Relative Humidity -> Check our review and find about the State with the highest relative Humidity

Whenever we talk about Humidity or relative Humidity, we always imagine of a place surrounded by large water resources, right? But in most cases, that is not right. A place with the largest ice structure can be a place with the highest relative Humidity too. There are a lot of places in the United States and as well as around the world which has the highest relative Humidity. Well, there is a slight difference between the Humidity and Relative Humidity too. So, stick around this discussion to know Which state has the highest Relative Humidity.”

What is Relative Humidity?

There is a slight confusion between Humidity and RH while. We define Humidity as the concentration of water vapor in the air. And the State, which has the largest presence of water, is tending to be the most humid places. But RH is slightly different. It is (Relative Humidity) the large amount of water vapor that air can hold at a given temperature and is represented in the percentage.Specifically, in the United States and worldwide, many places have the highest level of Relative Humidity. So, let’s try to find “Which state has the highest Relative Humidity.”

State, Humidity, and Relative Humidity 

Because Humidity is what we called the concentrated water vapor available in the air, the states having the highest Humidity must be having an exhaustive water resource in their surroundings. It is easy to guess that the place with a high Humidity level would be either Louisiana or Florida of the United States, or maybe both since they are comparatively warm and situated near large water bodies. But no, the State having the highest relative Humidity is Alaska. To know ‘how,’ it is recommended to stay with this discussion. 

Which State has the highest Relative Humidity? 

As discussed above, we found that Alaska has the highest RH percentage but how Alaska can be highest at RH while being the coldest? Well, Alaska has an average RH of 77%. It is mild and comes at a top place because of its low temperature. RH is a measure of the amount of water vapor floating in the air relative to how much amount the air can hold, and it can be much higher in the colder areas despite having much less actual moisture, and this happens because cold air cannot hold as much water as warm air. So, the answer to this tricky question: “Which state has the highest Relative Humidity” is Alaska. 


Alaska with higher RH is slightly hard to accept. Another reason behind being at the top here is: as the temperature decreases, the air becomes capable of holding less water vapor. Because of this, the compared Humidity would become higher and staggered in the snowy-areas even after the air has less moisture. Apart from Alaska and Florida, around the world and the United States, places with RH’s highest rate are: Indiana with 72.0%, Vermont with 71.7%, New Orleans with 775.9%, Jacksonville with 75.88% and, etc. other cities. In conclusion, we can say that being the oldest, Alaska is the correct answer to the trick question “Which state has the highest Relative Humidity?”

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