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Hello, readers; the topic of the day is interesting because it is about Celebrating Easter and egg-roll. 

Dear readers, Do you know White House Egg Hunt Easter used to be celebrated on Monday with the egg-roll activity for children?

The initiative was started by 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes of the United States. The children were invited to egg rolling and other activities in the White House. The same thing is going to happen in the presidency of Joe Biden on Easter Monday during the Easter festival. 

What is Easter? 

It is a one-week festival that is celebrated for Jesus Christ and the holy souls. The week is considered as holy as the water of the river Ganga. 

Easter Egg Hunt at White House

The egg hunting activity for children was never discontinued after the death of the 19th President. Now, it has become a part of US culture. But, President Biden and the First Lady (his wife) Jill Biden have decided to invite the children to the White House to play the games and participate in some educational activities organized at the white House for Children. 

The theme for this event is EGGuation. The notable people and army families of America are invited to make this event more joyful and enjoyable.  

The world famous White House Egg Hunt Easter  Plans-

On April 5, 2022, wooden spoons and 50k Hard Boiled eggs were delivered to Washington City for this event. This is the first time President Biden and his wife are doing this. It will be the 142nd Easter Egg Roll Celebration. 

According to the counting, it should be the 144th Egg Roll Celebration, but covid-19 didn’t permit the president to organize the event for the last two years. 

The south lawn of the white house has been converted into a school community for visitors. Also, the American Egg Board contributed to the White House Egg Hunt Easter event by donating 90k eggs. These eggs will be used in Egg-roll Races, Egg Hunt, Dyeing, and food for the guests. 

The 45-year-old tradition of presenting the commemorative egg to the First Lady, will also be followed in this event at the White House. The eggs given to the first lady will be displayed in ‘colonnade of eggs’ 


Q.1 Why is the Easter Egg Roll activity so famous?

A.1 Because it is the longest tradition of this festival.

Q.2 How many people will be there for this function?

A.2 The estimated number of people is more than 30K.

The Final Verdict – 

This is a beautiful and holy event organised after covid-19 restrictions. The officials of America are really excited for this day.  For more information on White House Egg Hunt Easter, visit here the official page of White house 

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