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Who Did Alabama Lose to This Year {Jan} Get Details Here

This article is jotted down to help you resolve your dilemma of Who Did Alabama Lose to This Year and many related details.  

Are you interested in football? Do football matches excite you to an extent? Are you aware of an American football team representing the United States for ages named Alabama Crimson Tide Football? Their uniform’s red and white colour is a coolness of eyes for many football enthusiasts. 

People are so keen to watch them playing, and nowadays, it’s being trendiest that Who Did Alabama Lose to This Year? If you’re also curious to know this, read out this full article-

All About Alabama Crimson Tide Football-

This program depicts the institute of Alabama in the athletics of American football. The team’s chief trainer is Nick Saban, who has directed the squad to six federal crowns over his term.

They are the most influential crews on the record and are popular for winning back to back awards many times. The last update we got in 2021 was that Alabama overthrew Georgia 41-24 for the additional successive year. But, what occurred unexpectedly that the nation is searching about Who Did Alabama Lose In 2021

That was Alabama’s seventh straight victory over Georgia, forfeited to Alabama in 2018. No one had marked more than 17 levels against Georgia, but Alabama put up 24 levels independently in the next section. 

But, all of a sudden, things began breaking down, and Alabama confronted a loss from the Texas A & M Aggies in an October tournament. It was certainly a disappointing period for Alabama, and this setback also gave rise to so many modifications. Let’s get to know about them. Keep scrolling down to understand more-

Who Did Alabama Lose To In 2021

The Texas A & M Aggies earned the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide on 9th October 2021 at Kyle ground. This news shook the fans of Alabama from within, and it is one of the most unexpected tournaments of the period. This victory was undoubtedly a stunning triumph of Texas against the extensively powerful coalition. 

The Aggies surprised the planet, especially football enthusiasts beyond the verges. They lifted their standard by overthrowing the No. 1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in the face of a large crowd at Kyle Field with 41-38. 

Let’s read about more losses of Alabama below-

Who Did Alabama Lose to This Year

After a stagnant beginning, Georgia came active in the next half and then knocked Alabama 33-18, and this was the Bulldogs’ initial federal ownership since 1980. For Georgia, it’s impossible to comprehend a more enjoyable triumph to crush Alabama on the hugest feasible phase.

Initially, it wasn’t much of an event. Finally, quirks whirled when Jameson Williams moved beneath with a knee wound in the early half. His need and assessment to uphold hurried Georgia oversaw terrible battles for the Crimson Tide. 

Eventually, Georgia gained against one of the promising squads in the world. 


As a final verdict, an answer to “Who Did Alabama Lose to This Yearcan be either Texas or Georgia. These are recent and most talked about victories against Alabama. Texas beat Alabama 41-38, and Georgia has beaten those 33-18. 

We hope we have resolved your queries effectively and precisely. 

Besides, we would love to know your favourite football team below-

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