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Who Did Georgia Lose To In 2021 {Jan} Get Winning Detail

In this post, we have discussed the Georgia Bulldogs football team, Who Did Georgia Lose to in 2021 and their latest win against Alabama.

Are you a fan of the Georgia Bulldog? Have you heard of their latest win against Alabama? Do you remember Georgia’s losses in 2021? Would you want to learn more? If yes, stick to us.

The Georgia Bulldog win against Alabama was epic. And after their win, many people in the United States are eager to learn more about the losses of the Georgia Bulldog in 2021. So, in this post, we will talk about Who Did Georgia Lose to in 2021.

Who is the Georgia Bulldog Football Team?

The Georgia Bulldogs team competes in American football for the University of Georgia. Georgia Bulldogs participate in the NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association’s FBS or Football Bowl Subdivision and the SEC or Southeastern Conference’s Eastern Division.

Georgia’s first season began in 1892. The Georgia Bulldogs have won 15 conference titles, notably 13 SEC titles, which is ranked second-most in league history and has played in 59 super bowls, which is also ranked second-most in all-time. The squad is well-known for its illustrious history and distinctive customs.

Before knowing more about Who Did Georgia Lose to in 2021, let us discuss the latest historic win of the Georgia Bulldog.

Who will the Georgia Bulldog defeat in 2022?

On Monday, the Georgia Bulldog defeated Alabama in the CFP final game and earned their first national championship after four decades. To accomplish so, they overcame a fourth-quarter setback. Georgia almost won its first national title since 1980 after scoring a touchdown on such an interception.

Against waves of clever, energetic, and swift Georgia defenders, Alabama couldn’t recover the absence of J. Williams on top of the unavailability of John Metchie. It led to their defeat in CFP. 

Before learning more about Who Did Georgia Lose to in 2021, let us know more about the rivalry of Alabama and Georgia.

The rivalry of Alabama and the Georgia Bulldog:

With the exception of 1943, Alabama & Georgia competed in a game each year from 1941 until 1965. They won three national titles under famous mentor Bear Bryant in that period. During the 1965 season, Bulldog was the only team to defeat Alabama.

The Bulldogs had the last winning record versus Alabama in the century. Throughout Nick Saban’s tenure, Georgia was 3-1 with coach Mark Richt between 2002 and 2008. After the 2008 Season, Georgia defeated Alabama for the first time in 2022. 

Who Did Georgia Lose to in 2021?

The Georgia Bulldog lost only against Alabama in the 2021 season in the SEC Championship 2021. In the last season, Alabama defeated Georgia and finished at number 1, and Georgia Bulldog finished at number 3.

The Georgia Bulldog has lost for more than a decade, especially to Alabama. But just at the start of this season, Georgia made a comeback as a national champion against Alabama.


After 40 years of suffering, the Georgia Bulldog has won its first national championship. There is more success ahead for them. Visit this News Website  for more.

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