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Who Masks January 2021 (Jan) All The Details Inside!

Who Masks January 2021 (Jan) All The Details Inside! >> This article gives you crucial details about mask guidelines according to the WHO. Please have a look at the details now.

Who Masks January 2021 refers to details about a recent press conference held by the WHO in January. Some claims in this conference are being falsely portrayed, and some rumors have started to spread about it. Please keep reading to know more.

If you’re among the users who are looking to get more information about these guidelines and want to find out the truth behind these claims, you’re at the right place. We’re going to reveal all the crucial details in this article. This term has gained popularity in several countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

About Who Masks January 2021

The WHO, World Health Organization, recently held a press conference in January. It gave some details on the use of face masks. Some rumors have started to spread regarding the claims made in this press conference. 

Has WHO said that masks aren’t necessary? 

Recently, some pictures went viral on social media platforms that claimed that masks aren’t necessary anymore. Please read the details given below to find out the truth behind these claims:

  • A screenshot is making rounds on the internet claiming that WHO has advised users not to wear masks anymore if you don’t have any symptoms.
  • The screenshot is from a blog that has made several false claims about safety regulations and wearing masks.
  • The blog further made things complicated after it said that WHO made these claims in a press conference.
  • We want to clarify that the WHO made no such remarks in the press conference held in January 2021.
  • These Who Masks January 2021 rumors are false, baseless, and potentially harmful.
  • Whether you show any symptoms or not, even if you aren’t a medical worker, masks offer you protection from being contaminated.
  • According to WHO, wearing masks and following physical distancing and other measures helps lower the spread of the virus.
  • If you’re looking to get more information about wearing face masks, we suggest that you visit the WHO’s official website and look at all the guidelines.

What kind of face mask should you wear?

  • Several reports are trending, suggesting what kind of face mask you should wear.
  • Surprisingly, every report has different opinions.
  • Some recommend wearing two face masks and call it more effective. It has gained some popularity recently.
  • Who Masks January 2021 conference recommends wearing a three-layer face mask for optimum protection.
  • A mask having a filter layer along with two layers of cloth or linen would be ideal.
  • You can wear two face masks or opt for a standard three-layer mask. What matters is that you wear a face mask.

Final Verdict

The rumors regarding the WHO suggesting that masks aren’t necessary are false. WHO hasn’t made any such remarks in its press conference. It has given more importance to face masks and asked people to comply with its guidelines. 

What is your opinion regarding this? Let us know what you think of Who Masks January 2021 in the comments.

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