Who Originally Sang Santa Baby (Dec) Read To Know More!

Who Originally Sang Santa Baby (Dec) Read To Know More!

Who Originally Sang Santa Baby (Dec) Read To Know More! >>In this article, you get information about an iconic Christmas song sung by one of the most famous singers of her time.

Isn’t it that time of the year again when the air reverberates with the melody of Christmas carols and jingle of Christmas bells?Whether shopping malls, roadside patios, or your own house, we all love playing and listening to Christmas songs. All this to felicitate the enthusiasm of Christmas.

There are numerous Christmas songs sung by hundreds of singers in the United States and also worldwide. But only a few have found their way up to reach the top favorite among the audience.The classic Christmas song, Santa Baby, is one such tongue-in-cheek song that has enjoyed soaring popularity for the past more than 60 years.The following article, Who Originally Sang Santa Baby, will help us gain insight into this.Let’s discover. 

What is the song Santa Baby all about?

American singer Eartha Kitt along with Henri Rene and his orchestra is the original singer of the song. Its original release dates back to the year 1953.

The song lyrics describe a Christmas list for Santa Claus by a woman who wants to lavish herself with extravagant gifts. These gifts include expensive items like yachts, sables, and decorations from Tiffany.

Some facts about the song:

  • Joan Javits and Philip Springer are the writers of the song
  • The lyrics of the song were a cause of controversy. Therefore, the song faced temporary bans in the southern United States.
  • The song enjoys the peculiar popularity of being one of the best as well as worst Christmas songs of the US
  • Today, it doesn’t matter Who Originally Sang Santa Baby, because many famous artists have made parodies, remixes and featured it on TV series.

Reviews on the song:

The song was originally sung to commemorate the Christmas spirit but did not receive great reviews initially. It got mixed reviews from the music critics who felt that the song was too suggestive to celebrate the holiday theme.Although Santa Baby was the top-selling Christmas song of 1953, it did not achieve the same amount of success later. However, the song has still managed to sell more than 620,000 copies. 

It also touched a record high in Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the UK.Read the final verdict of our article Who Originally Sang Santa Baby, to decide if you want to listen to it or not.

Final verdict:

Our say is, either you love it or hate it but there is no way that you can ignore this song. Almost all famous artists like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, and many more have sung this song. 

Go ahead and enjoy it this year at Christmas. The song is harmless, it just intends to entertain and celebrate the Christmas spirit.Do post your comments if you want to add something to the article Who Originally Sang Santa Baby

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