Who Owns Clouthub (Jan) Jeff Brain – Founder & CEO!

Who Owns Clouthub (Jan) Jeff Brain - Founder & CEO!

Who Owns Clouthub (Jan) Jeff Brain – Founder & CEO! >> Here readers are detailed about the social network, its founder, and how it benefits by influencing and changing society.

Who Owns Clouthub? What is it all about? Social Media presents an ideal ground for people to share their views, influence, and a platform that practices free speech. Joining the pantheon of social networking sites is Clouthub. It grabbed the curiosity of users from the time of its launch, especially in the United States.

This social networking platform claims to present a medium for users to connect, create, and issue polls on varied on-going topics and has been steadfastly grabbing a lot of attention. Are you curious to know everything about this Next-Gen social network? Then please do not forget to catch up on this full read.

A Few Words about Clouthub and Who Owns Clouthub?

Jeff Brain is the founder and CEO of Clouthub, a Next-Gen social networking platform popular in the United States that allows users to come together and connect with like-minded people. 

It is a neutral platform for people to engage in meaningful issues, causes related to social, civic, and politics, and share views surrounding campaigns they care about

Apart from helping user network, it supports free speech, empowers members to influence the issues they feel connected to, and protects user privacy., creating a neutral platform that welcomes diverse ideas and thought processes.

The app is currently available on Google Play and Apple Store for download. Jeff Brain – Who Owns Clouthub, has created this amazing social network to help connect members passionate about influencing the issues that impact and advocate preserving freedoms. 

Besides, it also lends an opportunity to hold the leaders in power accountable, thereby bringing a balance of power.

What are the Advantages and Features of Clouthub?

This social network is for anyone who feels the need and is concerned about what is happening around. Let us now move on to the benefits and features of Clouthub, before we move to disclose further Who Owns Clouthub:

  • Allows to socialize and connect with friends.
  • Make new connections with like-minded people.
  • Share your views, content, and join groups.
  • Be a part of intelligent debate and discussions.
  • Take action in addressing issues that impact communities and the country.
  • Get access to valuable resources and news surrounding varied issues.
  • Features include video sharing, newsroom, public forum, messaging, and groups.

Who is Jeff Brain?

Clouthub is a free-speech social networking platform that offers a fresh outlook for social networks. Want to Know Who Owns Clouthub? 

This free speech platform is the brainchild of Jeff Brain, the company’s CEO, from 2018. It was created to influence and impact issues that matter to people and thereby bring a notable change.

Final Verdict

Who does not like to create an impact on society? Besides, who would not want a platform that restores the power of free speech and allows people to influence issues concerning their lives, community, and country helps bring a balance of power.

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