Who Owns Fido {April} Fido Solutions And Its Owner!

Who Owns Fido 2021

Who Owns Fido {April} Fido Solutions And Its Owner!>> which was the first GSM-based network service provider to Canadian citizens? Read here to know!

Ever heard something like Canada Fido Solutions, which provides cellular telephone service and is under Roger’s communication. Well, there is also another Roger’s wireless cellular service that operates under Roger’s communications.

People must be wondering Who Owns Fido cellular telephone service. Well, throughout the article, you will be given Fido Solutions glimpses and relevant facts that one must know about the Fido service cellular telephone.

Please scroll down to get an overview of the Fido mobile network and coverage, Fido mobile overview, and a few more factual details.

About Fido Mobile:

  • We can call Fido a middle-level carrier, which is possessed by Roger’s Communication. But despite being owned by Roger’s, it works as a completely separate entity.
  • Fido has its separate network, and it doesn’t require Roger’s infrastructure and network as it’s a mix up of both
  • Who Owns Fido? Roger’s communications officially Own the Fido cellular telephone service.
  • So the Fido service has started providing to the Canadian citizen’s unlimited services of cellular telephone 

Fido Mobile Network And Coverage:

Since Fido covers up both the network that is its own and of rogers communications, below are the frequencies that Fido Solutions use 

If you bring out your device, you need to see if your device works in the same frequency that are noted down!

Keep things clear in your mind that the frequency noted down doesn’t work near all the towers or at all the areas. Apart from knowing Who Owns Fido, let’s know more about it. So, phones usually match only a few frequencies!

  • HSPA: 1900 MHz and 850 MHz 
  • LTE: 1700/2100 (AWS) MHz
  • LTE advanced: 700 MHz and 2600 MHz

Current Competitors of Fido Service:

Fido service has direct competitors, namely Koodo mobile and flanker brands mobile virgin; these also complement entire service provider Telus Mobility, Videotron, and Bell Mobility.

Fido cellular network services run on 1900 GSM and provide coverage in main parts of urban areas.

Fido worlds locate at 1612 Skelton road, GA Gainesville. The contact number is 678-971-1052.

Who Owns Fido?

Roger’s communications officially own Fido. Though the Fido parent company also owns and operates another cellular service named Roger’s wireless.

But Fido remains a separate entity as it retains its network and the network of rogers communications. It was the first and foremost carrier to be launched, based on the GSM network. Further, it was also a provider of the first wireless services across North America.


So the Fido cellular telephone service, though owned by rogers communications has its separate entity too. So as it’s a very popular network service, Providers citizens out there be searching Who Owns Fido.

Well, we had tried our best to demonstrate all the important facts of fido cellular telephone service above in the article. Hope you find it helpful.

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