Who Pcr Guidance (Jan 2021) Notice Revealed!


Who Pcr Guidance (Jan 2021) Notice Revealed! >> What actions have been added to World Health Organization’s recent notice? – Know all information via this writing.

What does the World health organization announced in their ‘Who Pcr Guidance‘ notice?

Worldwide Covid-19 pandemic turned human lifestyle into chaos; due to this deadly disease, our lifestyle has been changed; even the economy of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries have been badly affected.

But, there is a relief after the invention of a specific vaccine to build immunity again SARS-CoV-2. Recently, WHO made a guideline regarding the Covid PCR test, and in their policy, they have mentioned few vital points that we will be discussing in this writing.

What is the purpose of issuing the new ‘ Who Pcr Guidance’ notice?

The notice has come on 13th January 2021. On the WHO official site, it has been mentioned that this notice is only for laboratory personnel and IVD users. In the ‘Purposes of Notice’ section, it has been specified that it is a replacement of the previous WHO notice, which was published on 14th December 2020 for IVD’s (In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device) users.

What has been described in this notice?

World Health Organization clearly specified that each laboratory personnel must check the using instruction of IFU while evaluating results for the specimens which are tested using the PCR Methodology.

According to the Who Pcr Guidance notice, lab professionals should carefully interpret the weak positive results. WHO also suggests that disease prevalence can alter the test-result value prediction. The decreased disease prevalence can increase the higher risk of fake reports.

PCR tests are identified as diagnostic support; thus, health care professionals must consider a result with specimen type, patient history, epidemiological details, clinical observation, etc.

Which action should be taken by health care personnel?

In this revised notice, World Health Organization’s officials mentioned a few mandate actions that should be taken. We are providing those mandate action in below-

  • Following Who Pcr Guidance, if anybody does not understand any details of IFU, then contact the local agents.
  • People need to check the full information regarding IFU.
  • Check frequently IFU for every coming case to determine if there are any changes in IFU or not.
  • If any health care representative request for CT value, then provide it in the report.

The above-listed actions are needed to be followed according to the new Who Pcr Guidance.


The world has been suffering from this deathly disease since 2019. People’s lifestyle even work-life has been tremendously affected. Following Who Pcr Guidance, individuals are suffering from the monetary crisis; even every country’s economy has been tremendously fallen. 

However, day by day, our fight against this severe disease becomes easy due to new inventions. Medical professionals are inventing new formulas and tested to properly diagnose the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries’ citizens.

With the latest equipment and technology, the diagnosing process has become easy and more accurate. Recently a notice has been issued from World Health Organization, where they specified new actions for the Covid PCR test.

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