Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court (April 2022) Updates!

Latest News Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court
Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court? What are the latest updates on the lawsuit? Read to find out everything.

Did you watch the live stream of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Lawsuit? The news is all over the Internet, and fans of the two actors can’t stop inquiring about the latest updates on this lawsuit.

Johnny Depp has sued his ex-wife, actor Amber Heard, in a defamation lawsuit for $50 million against the article she wrote in March 2019.

And now, the defamation trial has started, and the fans from the United States, the United KIngdomAustraliaCanada and other countries can’t stop discussing the lawsuit and all the details coming up.

Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court? Let us find out elaborately.

Why is Johnny Depp suing Amber in Court?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard married in a civil ceremony in 2015 after dating for more than 2 years. However, the marriage did not last long, and Amber Heard filed for a divorce in 2016 and got a temporary restraining order against Depp.

The couple has been in the news since then. Amber wrote an article in 2018 discussing being a domestic violence victim. And in 2019, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard regarding the same op-ed article.

Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court? The answer is that the trial of the defamation lawsuit has begun, and therefore, the topic is also trending lately.

About the previous lawsuit:

Did you know that Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit before this? Yes, Johnny Depp had filed a lawsuit against the publishers of The Sun, a British tabloid that called Depp a “wife-beater”.

Thus, the lawsuit was not directly against Amber, and also, the high court in the UK had denied Depp’s libel lawsuit in June 2018.

And after this, in February 2019, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard directly.

Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court– latest updates:

As per the latest details from the defamation trial attended by both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, much has been revealed about the couple’s relationship.

The second week of the trial is being continued, and in Depp’s testimony, many messages, videos and recordings have been shared showing anger outbursts and threats of violence.

However, Depp has informed the jurors of Amber’s abusive behaviour, including stubbing a cigarette on his face. Depp also testified that Amber had thrown a bottle at him in an incident in 2015 due to which his middle finger was seriously injured.

Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court? We hope you now know the answer!

Social media and reporting:

Fans of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard can’t stop arguing and defending the two on social media. The trial has drawn much attention, and now it has also been live-streamed, where reporters have compared the comment section.

People have shared posts and tweets containing the actors’ names and expressing their opinions on the case. And as per some latest reports and research, Twitter users have shown significant support for Johnny Depp.

Final Words:

Why Are Johnny and Amber in Court? The defamation lawsuit’s trial against Amber Heard for $50 million has begun.

The second week of this trial has passed, and many details have been revealed already. You can learn more about this lawsuit through this link!

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