Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO (March 2022) Reasons Detailed

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The following article gives insight into the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO.

Do you know about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict? Do you know the reason for this conflict? Do you know about the role of NATO in this conflict? If the answer is NO, then follow the details given below.

The Ukraine-Russia war started in February 2022. The main reason for the war was the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the issue of Ukraine joining NATO. But the people Worldwide still think, Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO even though Ukraine is a sovereign country with the power to make its own decisions. So, to get the answer let us follow up in detail.

What is Happening Currently?

As per sources, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine would not join NATO nearly 20 days after the war. He reiterated that Ukrainians must not join NATO and instead rely on themselves and friends who help them. However, he also asked for a security guarantee from NATO allies against future Russian aggression.

All this has led to the question Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO if they want their security against Russia in the future. To know the answer, we must know about the conflict also.

What is The Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine?

  • Ukraine began applying for NATO membership in 2008. But, the plan was shelved by the presidential election of 2010, where the elected president Viktor Yanukovych dropped the idea and remained non-aligned.
  • However, again in 2013, the tension grew between Russia and Ukraine over a trade deal between Ukraine and European Union.
  • Again in 2014, Russia annexed Crimea on the pretext of protecting Russian-speaking people in the region.
  • Further, there were uprisings in Donetsk and Luhansk regions backed by Russia. 
  • There was a Minsk agreement for peace between Russia and Ukraine, which was repeatedly violated.
  • Growing demand by Ukrainian to join NATO.

Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO

  • Moscow sees the growing support for Ukraine from NATO — in terms of weaponry, training, and personnel — as a threat to its own security.
  • NATO members want to avoid any direct conflict with Russia.
  • Complex eligibility criteria to become a NATO member, which can be enlisted below:
  • The fair treatment of minority populations
  • A functioning democratic political system based on a market economy
  • The ability and willingness to make a military contribution to NATO operations
  • A commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts
  • A commitment to democratic civil-military relations and institutional structures.

Impact of Ukraine Not Joining NATO.

People are still skeptical about Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO as they know the impact of not joining Ukraine may be:

Positive Impacts

  • Avoidance of probable world war-3
  • Resolution of the current conflict

Negative Impacts

  • A full Russian invasion of Ukraine may be possible.
  • Trust deficit within NATO members related to security issue.
  • Security threat to Ukraine from future Russian aggression.

The Final Verdict

Currently, the Ukrainian president may have said the right thing to cool down the war in Ukrainian territory. However, from a long-term point of view still, we are finding if Ukraine is a sovereign country, then Why Cant Ukraine Join NATO. Also, NATO has to ensure peace and security in Europe. You can also refer to NATO-Ukraine relation for further clarity.

What are your thoughts? For other queries and viewpoints, you may comment below.

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