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Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place (Sep) Check Here!

Get your answers here to the most asked question Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place, the most horrific attacks killing more than a hundred people in the state.

Do you still feel the terror of 9/11? The horrible situation causing humongous loss of lives in the attack happened two decades ago in the United States. If you have missed this historical attack, don’t worry. 

After the attack, it impacted many people; some lost their families and some the primary earners of the house. But, the question that always popped up in the news is Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place? So if you have the same question, stick to the article.

What Happened On 9/11?

Two decades ago, in 2001, on 11th September. It was a Tuesday morning everyone at World Trade Center was working like usual. No one could predict what was going to happen. At 8:45 am, a jet crashed on the center’s north tower with 20,000 gallons of fuel.

The building had 110 floors; the crash damaged it to the 80th floor. Hundreds of people died, and some got stuck there. While the plane crashed, no one knew the reason Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place. The people around were not even aware, what was happening.

The evacuation started, but within few minutes, another plane crashed on the 60th floor of the south tower. This led to a massive explosion. The aircraft was evident to take a sharp turn and crash intentionally; the attack was prominent by then. Meanwhile, two more crashes took place, one at Pentagon and the other at a field, after diverting the ultimate goal being the white house or U.S Capitol. 

Effect of The Attack on 09th September

People were frequently asking Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place. The planes were hijacked by a militant group. It did a massive impact injuring around 25,000 people. Approximately 2996 deaths were recorded, 2977 of them were innocent, and left were terrorists.

Why Are People Talking About It Now?

The impact didn’t last in that year only. Today, it was marked as the 20th anniversary of that horrific act that killed many innocent people. People mourned, and the act still brought tears to the eyes of impacted families. It still increases the horror rippling across the nations and goosebumps to those who hear it for the first time.

Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place

Question to the reason of 9/11 came again in this anniversary. Initially, the leader of the militant group denied taking responsibility for the attack. But, in 2004, he formally accepted it. The motive was to take revenge from sanctions and support to a specific religion, ignoring others.


Before wrapping the article, you must know what the response to this attack was. The government created a massive infrastructure. The administration decided to take in charges and fight against the militant group.

Osama clearly stated holy war was the reason for revenge Why Did 9/11 Happen in First Place. Do you know the military even hunted some terrorists down? Comment below –

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