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The following research on Why Did Charlie Kill Herself will give you the necessary details about Charlie, the main protagonist.

Many writers’ work (novels, literature, etc.) gives goosebumps and develops an interest in the people. The Perks Of Being a Wallflower is loved Worldwide. The character named Charlie has gained much popularity in this novel.

Why Did Charlie Kill Herself? The story is very exciting as the moral is unique and different. If you do not know much about this novel, this article will help you surely. So, please read this article till the last.

About The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The writer of this novel was Stephen Chbosky. This was first released in 1999. The novel is not simply written like a story, but every chapter looks like a letter. And this letter was written by the main protagonist of the novel, Charlie. He was a teenager of 15. He wrote this letter to his unnamed buddy. So if you read this novel, the novel will give you a feeling as if he was writing to you. It is an interesting story described by this boy. 

Why Did Charlie Kill Herself?

In the beginning, Charlie describes his friend Michael who killed himself, and the reason is unknown. He mentioned that he wanted to kill himself due to his family problems. He described his relations with all the family members and especially his aunt Helen who was his favorite and was no more. He felt that everything was changed after he got admitted to High school. 

Things were different from Middle School. He felt lonely there and had no friends. However, he maintained good relations with Bill, his school teacher. He also mentioned his sister, who had a toxic relationship with his boyfriend.

This all describes that Why Did Charlie Kill Herself, and the reason seems to be the loneliness and family issues that he faced. 

Who saved Charlie while he attempted suicide?

Charlie was an understanding kid who had learned a lot in his high school. At the end of the session, all of his friends were leaving, and he felt that he would be lonely again. So he became chaotic and attempted suicide. But the protagonist is saved by Candace, a girl with quick thinking. 

She instantly ringed the Sherriff. He was given proper treatment under the surveillance of a psychiatrist. He helped him get back to his old life; as per Why Did Charlie Kill Herself, we learned that the child had faced loneliness, which led him to take this step.

Moral of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

We found that the novel had a story of a boy who was alone all the time. This novel shows us how people can bloom when they are loved and given mere importance. But, on the other hand, how badly they got shattered when they are ignored, and people do not value the, just like the boy was ignored when he entered High school. 

He was in trauma and always felt alone. The reactions of society and people we live around can make us feel good and make our lives traumatic.


Wrapping up our research on Why Did Charlie Kill Herself, our reader will get the exact reason for the step taken by this teenage boy. People should love and accept each other, and always make them feel comfortable. To know more about Charlie in the perks of being a wallflower, please visit this link.

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