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Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool {July} Reason!

Know Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool. Also, learn about the situation during which the blog was published.

Did you know that famous broadcaster Francis Ellis was fired from Barstool? What was the reason for his dismissal? What did the Barstool team and leadership claim for the action taken? What was the reaction of Francis Ellis? Why is the news about Francis’s dismissal trending in the United States?

Let’s check the answers to all the above questions in this article about Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool.

Reason for Francis’s dismissal:

On Friday, the 15th-July-2022, he wrote a blog about Mackenzie Lueck. The initial reports revealed that Lueck was using sugar daddy dating websites. Francis read the New York Post that morning and focused on the information about using dating services. Francis used jocks in his blog, ignoring the selectivity of the situation.

Keith Markovitch, the editor in chief of Barstool, Twitter that the editor will review Francis’s write-ups before publication. Francis replied to Markovitch’s tweet with a meme. 

Francis’s blog was immediately removed, but the viewers of the Barstool blog requested Dave Portnoy for comments. The reason Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool is that Dave Portnoy, Barstool’s founder, had dismissed Francis due to irresponsible blog.

What happened with Francis’s blog?

Francis overlooked the possibility of Lueck’s death as the news reports claimed that the police did not suspect foul play. Shortly after the blog was posted on Friday, Mike Brown, the Salt Lake City Police Chief, announced in a news conference that they found charred remains of Lueck in the backyard of Ayoola Ajayi’s home in Salt Lake City. In you want to know more details about Francis, continue reading below.

Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool?

Francis realized his mistake and Twitted an apology and accepted the reason due to which he got fired. Francis said that the tone and timing of the post made all the difference as the news about Lueck’s death came after the blog was published.

About Mackenzie Lueck:

Lueck was studying at the University of Utah. She went missing for more than a week. Her family had filed a report with the police, who could not find her whereabouts. Lueck’s friends were optimistic that she is alive, as they found activities on her Instagram account.

About Francis Ellis:

Francis is a famous writer, actor, and comedian. By now you may have understood Why Did Francis Get Fired From Barstool.   He is a host of the Oops the Podcast. He was a writer for Barstool Sports. He also hosts a radio show. His stand-up special, the Bad Guy, is available on the Barstool Gold. Francis had performed across the USA and in several other countries. Please note that we are having no intension to blame/support anyone, we are just presenting the information.


In his recent interview, Francis took responsibility for not analyzing the situation and felt sorry about his blog as per sources. Francis professionally acknowledged that Barstool had given his leverage as a responsible writer. Francis accepted his mistake and feels he should have read more news about Lueck and shouldn’t have posted jokes in the blog. 

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