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Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak {Jan} Eternals Marvel: Movie

Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak, a widely asked question about Eternals; learn the reasons and what happened in the story.  

Do you love to watch films based on the evolution of earth or anything relevant to the earth? Have you heard about the story of Marvel’s Eternal? You would have watched it with many doubts in your mind. 

Obviously, after watching this film, people Worldwide doubt why the Ikaris killed their leader Ajak. 

So, don’t’ worry we are here to answer all your questions about Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak

What is Marvel’s Eternal? 

The Eternals are the creatures created as humanoids artificially where they are given superpowers on earth. Celestial sent them on earth with a special intention. Their main intention is to protect human beings from the Deviants. 

They arrived on earth in 5000 BC in their spaceships known as the DOMO. They display their powers by fighting with their enemies or foes on earth who try to destroy or harm the earth. 

However, later it is said that the Eternals main purpose is to prepare the populated world for “Emergence.” 

So, as we learnt about the Eternals, we will also answer: “Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak?” A Worldwide asked question. But, let’s first understand about its members. 

Who was included in Eternals? 

  • Sersi: It is a creature that could change and manipulate matter, and later it could also contact the celestial. 
  • Ajak: It could communicate with the Celestials and help heal the wound. It acted as the leader of its Eternal group. 
  • Ikaris: It had the special power of killing with its beam of eyes and fighting with its superpowers. It also had flight power. 
  • Sprite: It could project with life-like situations. 
  • Kingo: He could kill the cosmic creatures with his hands. 

Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak? 

Ikaris murdered their team leader, Ajak. He decided to do so when he learnt that the leader, that is the Ajak, defied their creator. She defied their creator Celestial, who planned to create “Emergence” on earth. The emergence was destined to occur at the cost of destroying the earth. 

While Ajak and other Eternals did not want to destroy the earth as they sympathised with the human beings on earth, Ikaris went against them. He stood loyal to Arishem, their creator, or we can say a Celestial. 

Ajak did not want earth’s destruction and emergence, and therefore, Ikaris killed his leader Ajak. So, this is the reason and answer to the question: Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak?

He (Ikaris) also went to kill Series, but he could not kill her due to his eternal love for her (Seris). But foremost, he has killed their team leader Ajak.  

What happened at the end of Eternals? 

In the end, when Ikaris could not kill Series, the new Celestial leader turned into marble, and the plan of “Emergence” was unsuccessful. Ikaris went to the sun with this guilt and burned himself and killed himself. 

Final Verdict: 

Marvel’s Eternals had the vision of protecting human beings on earth but the hidden reason was something different which led to the tragic ending of Eternals. We hope you got complete clarification regarding “Why Did Ikaris Kill Ajak?” 

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How can you justify the killing of Ajak by Ikaris? You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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