Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing (March) Answered Here!

Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing 2021

Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing (March) Answered Here! >> You will get to know about the mail crashing issue and its available solution in this article.

Are you searching for Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing? Are you stuck with your Gmail and unable to complete your work? in that case, you should go through this post.

Yesterday people got shocked after knowing about Gmail malfunctioning. People, especially in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, became anxious as they could not pursue their work. 

This article will tell you about the problem and try to solve all your queries.

What is the Issue All About?

In an individual’s life, especially during a pandemic, Gmail became the necessary and vital part of one’s working life when work from home started.

Yesterday around 9 p.m, thousands of people reported the issue of Gmail crashing. The Internet was flooded with people asking Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing as people could not access their essential mails, which may cause them a significant loss.

What Google has to say about the matter?

Google considered the matter as it will affect people’s lives to a great extent. It acknowledged the issue and tweeted about the same:

“They are fully aware of the issue, especially on Android devices. They had promised the public to update them soon regarding the solution to the problem. They had requested the affected people to switch to desktop Gmail version instead of the Android Gmail version.”

Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing?

Many Android users face the problem regarding non-working of many essential apps like Gmail, many bank apps, Google pay etc. 

Few hours after the crashing of Gmail, Google has confirmed that the issue is with web view. They are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible, and you would continue your work.

Apple mobile, Android mobile are a few devices on which this problem has been noticed.

Is there any Solution to the Problem?

The problem is so severe that the users had flooded the Internet with their question “Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing and complaints. Google has stated that they are working on the fix.

But the Android users are the worst affected, especially Samsung mobiles. So, for now, Samsung has provided the following solution:

  • Visit setting > then applications >click on three dots in right >click show system application > android system web view > uninstall updates. 

Now, you can use these steps on every phone irrespective of its brand. 


Gmail has proved to be a magical app for the people as it holds an acute number of mails, messages, important information of their users, reducing their board. But sometimes, they also face issues while operating.

Since yesterday evening, users are tensed and continuously questioning Why Does My Gmail Keep Crashing. Google has acknowledged the issue and claimed to fix it as soon as possible.

This issue hit Android users, especially Samsung users, the most. As of now, Samsung has provided the users with a temporary solution which we have provided above.

Till Google fix the problem, please try to cooperate.

How many of you use the Gmail application? Please comment in the comments section below.

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