Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable (Dec) Let’s Check!

Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable 2020.

Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable (Dec) Let’s Check! >> The write-up shares details of the error message and how to fix it like a pro. Please check the details now.

Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable: If you regularly play the virtual games on Roblox, you probably have come across server errors and login issues. It is common when there is browser related issues or DNS problems. Many people in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom who play Roblox want to know about it. 

When the game server is down or there is a browser-related error, the game website displays this message with “Service Unavailable.” If you face the same issue and receive the error message when launching the game, please don’t panic as there are fixes available to overcome such issues. 

Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable When Launching the Game?

As you attempt to launch the Roblox game, you get an error message on the screen saying “Service Unavailable.” It is the error message from the game server when the server is down or has any browser-related issues. The error message is also displayed when there are DNS related problems.

Many players want to know about the unavailability of the service and how to fix the error message to continue gaming online. However, to find the right fixes for the error message, you must know the root cause of the error.

In some cases, the service is unavailable when there is a login issue after the server maintenance. But, players don’t have to panic as fixes for all errors are available. It would help them restore the game and continue gaming online. Please stay connected to know more about the Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable.

Service Unavailable – Troubleshooting and Fixes

  1. Browser Related Errors

If the error is due to browser-related issues, you have to follow a few simple steps mentioned below. 

  • Force for a complete refresh of the website
  • You can perform this by pressing the CTRL key with the F5 key simultaneously on your preferred browser, including Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Clear all the temp cache and files along with the cookies on the browser 
  • Make sure to use only the recent version of the browser      
  1. DNS Related Errors

The domain name system or DNS enables the site IP address to be identified with words so that it is easy to remember. The ISP commonly offers it. 

  • Clear the local DNS cache to ensure it grabs the recent cache of ISP. You will find detailed instructions online according to your operating system.
  • If you are accessing the website on the 3G network and unable to access it, it is best to use an alternative DNS service other than ISP. You may use free public DNS services, including Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. 
  • You may check the help page of your OS to see the instructions for changing the DNS.  

So, with these steps, you would get the answer for Why Does Roblox Say Service Unavailable.


Roblox players often face the error message when attempting to launch the game on their computer or mobile. It is common, and you don’t have to panic. Depending upon the root cause of the error message, there are solutions and fixes available.

Users only have to know the root cause and use the fixes mentioned above to solve the error and continue gaming online. 

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