Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On (Apr 2021) Read The Facts!

Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On

Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On (Apr 2021) Read The Facts! >> The write-up makes audiences aware of the reasons why broadcasting is not available to international listeners.

Do you love to listen to Radio 4? Then this news is for you to know more about Radio 4 Extra. 

Radio 4 extra station is famous for intuitive journalism and entertaining comedy. BBC is the owner of this radio station, and its sister station is Radio 4.

The residents of the United Kingdom are great admirers of Radio 4 extra. They can follow the news to know Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On

Knowing the radio station- Radio 4 Extra

The digital radio station, Radio 4 extra, is one of the popular radio stations in the UK. The owner of this radio station is BBC. 

The channel is famous for its broadcasting of witty comedy, drama, and insightful news. Listeners can enjoy the programs 24 hours. The sister station of Radio 4 Extra is Radio 4.

History of Radio 4 Extra

In December 2002, this radio station got launched as BBC 7. It started with broadcasting an assortment of drama, comedy, and documentaries. The station got renamed in 2008 as BBC Radio 7. 

In April 2011, the radio station relaunched as Radio 4, Extra. The Radio station has an audience base of nearly 2.184 million per week. 

Reasons for Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On

The radio station makes available several programs worldwide. However, BBC imposes a restriction on certain content from broadcasting across the world. 

Due to this restriction, live and on-demand streaming gets blocked to international audiences. The broadcaster informs the global audience regarding the limitation on live streaming of programs. 

The audiences situated very far from the United Kingdom will not pick up BBC stations on FM, MV, and DAB. 

International audiences eligible to listen to Radio 4 Extra

Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, and Holland, are eligible to receive broadcasting of Radio 4 Extra as these are adjacent to the UK. Hence, the listeners of these countries can enjoy the programs of Radio 4 Extra. 

What messages appear on the playback screen

Listeners will receive messages for Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On. Many times listeners fail to listen to many programs of Radio 4 Extra. It happens because the broadcaster does not possess the right to airing the program. Here the listeners will get the messages on the playback screen.

  • Programs will be available shortly after the broadcast:- If the audience notices this message on the playback screen, it means they will listen to the program soon. Sometimes the broadcaster gets delayed in publishing the content, and the audience doesn’t find the programs.
  • The episode is not available:- Many times audience will notice the message where the broadcaster apologizes for their inability to make the content available. This message denotes that the broadcaster doesn’t have the right to publish the content, and this is why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On. Audiences are free to contact with BBC regarding any query, and they will get a satisfactory answer. 

Wrapping up

Radio 4 Extra is a widely popular radio station that brings unique programs, and listeners can download them to listen online. Audiences can download these contents on their smartphone and enjoy the programs. 

Do you listen to Radio 4 Extra regularly? Do you want to know Why Is Radio 4 Extra Not On

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