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Widge Wordle {July 2022} Get Help For 399 Solution!

This article will help readers to solve the clue of Widge Wordle with different sources and meanings.

Did you feel the happiness of guessing the right answers for the puzzle games? Any other feeling can never beat the enthusiasm you have felt. True or not? The same thing is being felt by many in the United States, Australia, and India.

The exhilarating feeling when Wordle announces the clue is unmatchable, and people agree with the statement in every sphere. Recently people have been searching for Widge Wordle. Let’s have a glance!

What Is A Real Answer to Wordle #399 (23 July)-

After a long discussion and analysis, there’s a funny and misunderstood coincidence happened that the answer to today’s wordle #399 is MIDGE and not WIDGE. A similar pronunciation leads to this Confusion. 

The meaning of both words is different. Let’s see the explanation for both.

Midge Definition-

The answer to today’s worldle is MIDGE which means an insect or fly. This fly is found in marshy areas. As per hint, the clue is connected to nature. So that is it. 

Widge Definition-

The word WIDGE has a meaning as a synonym for Penis. This word is derived from urban and British English for the replacement of direct usage of the word Penis as it may offend or shame the audience. 

In medical terms, this word has been used more broadly than ever. It has been defined as an organ for copulation and urination. It indicates that it is probably a more common word for them. 

Why Is This Trending?

In the middle of the confusion and searching for this hint, people are wondering Is Widge a Word? It has been explained before that this organ is elongated and covered with three glans. Each glans ends on the edge of the widget. In many old medical books, this word has been used more often than 70% as this was part of the vocabulary for a long time. 

In another context, the famous English poet and writer Shakespeare used the word, Ridge. His book The Shakespeare Stealer had a character, namely Widge that was an orphan and had been sent to steal Hamlet by his master to the Lord.

More about Widge Wordle-

New words are the backbone of such word puzzle games, and these games turn the tables by exploring the abundance of old words. Words like Widge etc., are getting explored by many word puzzle lovers, which don’t have that much difficult meaning. 

Clues indicate that the answer is midge and clues do not match with the word widge hints and connectivity. Trending is because of the misunderstanding that has been created by the same pronunciations. For more information on today’s wordle answer, please click here. 

Conclusion –

It has been a lovely game exploration in the 21st century that leads to knowledge and fun both. Widge Wordle is among such examples. As a matter of fact, people from every walk of life have played this game. It has been a speedy exploration. 

Hope this article will ease your step of finding your clued word, and you will enjoy this knowledgeable roller coaster of the word world- Wordle. Do you know more such words? Let us know in the comment section. 

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