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Windows Defender Scam Email (Dec) Stay Alert & Beware!

Windows Defender Scam Email (Dec) Stay Alert & Beware! >> The write-up shares details about the new scam email that Windows users are receiving on their email.

Online scammers often target windows users via fake and scam emails, of which the Windows Defender Email Scams are the most common. The Windows Defender email scams have been around for many years, targeting innocent users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Every time the fraudsters make a new round stating they have charged the customers with $150, $199, or $299, it is billed annually. If customers want the refund, they have to miscall or call a number provided in the email.

Windows Defender Scam Email is circulating online and creating confusion amongst the Windows users.     

About Windows Defender Email Scam

Windows Defender Scam is the new email scam by fraudsters to target Windows users and steal their personal information and card details. The scammers send fake emails to Windows 10 users worldwide asking them to renew their Windows Defender Suite for $150, $199, or $299, which is billed annually. 

However, Windows Defender is the security suite, and it is packaged with your Windows OS. Besides, Windows users get it built-in, and they don’t have to buy the security suite separately or renew it by paying annual fees. So, Windows Defender Scam Email must be avoided as it is not from Windows.  

Many users are receiving such fake emails and messages with the link to renew their Windows Defender. You have to understand that Windows never send an email to renew the security suite, which comes built-in for free. 

If you receive any of such fake emails for renewal of the security suite or make payment for renewal of the suite, delete it to avoid becoming the next victim of the emails scam. 

What Does the Windows Defender Scam Email Appear?

There is a curiosity amongst the Windows users to know how the email looks so that if they receive such emails, they can delete it without a second thought.

  • The email is sent from an unknown recipient with the suspicious webmail service, and Microsoft never sends emails from such suspicious webmail services.
  • The email appears to be professional as it comprises all the elements to look highly professional and directly from Microsoft. The email also comprises details of the refund policy with a toll-free number to call for a refund. 
  • There is a conclusion in the email with warm regards from the team Windows Defender located in California. 

How to Prevent such Fake Emails?

If you receive a Windows Defender Scam Email, then you must be equipped to avoid such emails.

  • You have to check the sender’s web address and ensure that it is from Microsoft’s official email ID and not from any other account.
  • Windows Defender is a security suite that is free to use and comes built-in with Windows 10 OS
  • If you need any update regarding the security suite, please seek assistance from Microsoft’s official website.

To Sum Up

Windows Defender Email Scam has been in existence for many years and targeting millions of Windows users worldwide. However, you can avoid such fake emails and scams with a few smart tricks mentioned above. 

Have you ever received the Windows Defender Scam Email? What steps have you taken to avoid it? Please share it in the comment section below.

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