Windows Error 0x0000011b (Sep 2021) How To Fix Error?

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The guide shares details about Windows Error 0x0000011b and the standard solutions to fix the error.

Windows is the most widely used operating system. You will see many workstations across the globe are based on Windows OS. Just like its popularity, there are common errors that prevent users from accessing their PC.

Windows errors come with specific codes in a standard format so that technicians can quickly figure out the underlying cause of the error and get the best remedy for it. Below you will come across the common Windows Error 0x0000011b.

People in Mexico, Argentina, and the United States face this Windows error and find a remedy to fix it quickly.   

What is Windows 0x0000011b Error?

Windows 0x0000011b is the error caused when the system settings are wrongly configured or incorrect entries in the Windows Registry. The error is easily fixed with special tools and software programs that repair the registry and fine-tune the settings to fix the error. 

The Windows 0x0000011b error signifies that the driver returned from the canceled routine comprising the global cancel lock. It leads to undoing later calls to preventing working, resulting in either other errors or deadlocks.

What Causes the Windows Error 0x0000011b?

As mentioned, there are many underlying causes of Windows 0x0000011b error. Some of the common reasons for the error are:

  • Windows system files malfunction or damages it causes the error. The corrupted system files are a common threat to the health of your PC. If you see the error code 0x0000011b, it means there is a malfunction in system operation.
  • Failed or incorrect installation or un-installation of software may also leave invalid entries in the registry, which causes the Windows Error 0x0000011b. It may result from improper system shutdown because of power failure, malware attack, or accidentally deleting the essential files from the registry.    

How to Fix the Windows 0x0000011b Error?

After evaluating, we found two different ways to fix the error code 0x0000011b. 

Manual Fix with Advanced Computer User Solution 

  • Run the system file checker tool manually
  • Fix the corrupt files in the Windows registry 
  • Repair the windows with the installation disc
  • Clean the installations 

Auto-Fix for Beginners

  • For auto fixing of Windows Error 0x0000011b, you have to install the trustworthy Repair Tool

The tool will scan and diagnose the registry and repair the errors while fine-tuning the registry for optimal performance. The repair tool is suggested only for beginners as the manual fix is always effective.


Windows Error has specific code to quickly identify the underlying causes and find the most effective solution to fix them. Similarly, this error is caused due to corrupted files in the Windows registry or improper configuration of system files.   

Regardless of the Windows Error 0x0000011b, it is essential to know the things to do when facing an error. So, make use of the fixes and get rid of the Windows 0x0000011b Error immediately.

Have you encountered this error? Then, please share what fixes you have used to solve it in the comments section.    

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