Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews {May 2021} See!

Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews 2021

Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews {May 2021} See! >> This article is based on the viral ghost video of Wingate Hotel Illinois room 209. Read the entire article to learn more.

Have you ever encountered a ghost? Do you believe in them? There is something extremely frightening about spooky hotels among all the creepy sites worldwide. People’s curiosity regarding spooky hotels is growing as a result of numerous reports of paranormal activity. But not all of these reports need to be always authentic.

In this article, we will discuss Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 and its spooky video, which was captured by the CCTV cameras on 14th September 2003. The people of the United States are intrigued to learn about Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews.

What is the history of Wingate Hotel, Illinois?

In July 1996, Wingate established its first-ever hotel. About 100 more Wingate hotels owned by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts have emerged at different locations, including Illinois.

According to our analysis, room 209 of Wingate Hotel at Illinois, claimed to be spooky, has no recognized history. 

Nevertheless, upon additional investigation, we discovered that the room had been the source of several reports of odd noises throughout the past. However the video recorded on 14th September 2003 is the sole known recording of the event. Thus, talking about Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews is quite scary.

What Had Happened At Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 video?

It is claimed that on 14th September 2003 a guest could hear screaming sounds from room 209 of 2nd floor. So, someone named John, probably a security guard, was dispatched to go and look into the matter. 

When he walked into the room, he noticed that the entire room was in ruins though no one was inside the room. However, nothing much except for the screaming sounds is evident in the video that was uploaded.

Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews

Firstly it appears that nobody knows which Wingate hotel at Illinois the incident took place. Secondly, subsequent investigation revealed the uploader’s name: Turner Clay, a freelance writer, filmmaker, and editor who has worked on several horror movies.

 According to Kenny Bidle, a writer, blogger, and renowned skeptic, the youtube video is either abandoned material from a few of his productions or a smart attempt to promote his skills, and the screaming sounds could be easily faked. 

Also not much is evident from the uploaded video except for the screaming sounds and the voice of the security guard. Hence, Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews suggest that this ghost video could be hoax.


In the above article, we got to know about the history of Wintage hotel Illinois room 209, the incident that took place in room 209, and also about the suspicious video.

 We came across so many stories about haunted hotels circulating worldwide and found that it becomes difficult for people to differentiate between the illusion and reality. 

This often creates confusion and people hesitate to visit these places. Hence, it is important to check Wingate Hotel Illinois Room 209 Reviews before believing in any such stories. To know more about the ghost video on youtube, tap the link.

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