Winterfell Construction Reviews (Aug) Some Facts About It

Winterfell Construction Reviews 2020

Winterfell Construction Reviews (Aug) Some Facts About It >> The article is having information about a Panama city-based construction company and its profile.

Having their own house is a dream for everyone; people usually spent whole life building one home. Building and constructing a house is not an easy job, because if you are not smart enough to verify the built quality and the material used in construction, than it may directly affect your hard-earned money. 

In this article, we will discuss Winterfell Construction Reviews.

A Word about Winterfell Construction

Winterfell Construction is a construction company situated in the Panama City of the United States. Tommy Hamm is the owner of this construction company; he is actively constructed several residences at nominal price ranges. The company offers commercial buildings and residential homes, roof installation, and construction.

They also built customize houses and also provided services in alterations of the house, backyard and roof top construction and installation. You can get a free roof estimation cost and approx—budget calculation for roof installation. You will get customer services at your door, and they have a team of engineers and planners who build as per the client’s choice. You can also call them for evaluation of the construction and consultation for free.

Let us move ahead to know more about Winterfell Construction Reviews.

The Unpaid Employees and Consumer Complaints

The company mostly hired immigrants for low profile work like for cutting, grinding, slabbing, and all types of labor. The issue raised when the owner of the company, Tommy Hamm, refused to pay any debt to the workers. We found several complaints against Tommy, and most of them given negative Winterfell Construction Reviews.

We also find few feedback of the clients where they complain about the below quality work and the owner of the construction company Tommy Hamm. One client from the United States said that due to shoddy quality work, they dismissed him, and when they try to call Tommy, he never picks the call and refused to answer.

The workers and the employee who worked for the company never received their payments. In the Google review section, most of the Winterfell Construction Reviews are found negative and one-star ratings. We also found one comment where the company’s customer mentioned that during the modification of the house, the workers of the Winterfell stolen several items, the owner then reported to the police to file a complaint.

It seems that the company takes work form helpless migrants, and after taking their service, the company refused to pay as per the reviews. After having more complaints than satisfaction, Shows Company lacks credibility; after all, the client’s positive remarks reflect the company’s service and quality.


We analyzed and read several Winterfell Construction Reviewswhere the most common complaint we found was the unpaid workers. We have also traced some negative comments from the customers for unprofessional quality work and stolen items from the construction site. The Winterfell construction company scores low on trust remark. 

However, if you have any experience with this company, please share it with us in the comment section below.

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