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Wordle Game Free Online {April} Find Where To Play!

Gaming Tips Wordle Game Free Online

This article is about Wordle Game Free Online and the rules of playing the game. Read more on this topic.

Do you like to play online word games? Are you interested to know more about the wordle game? You should read this article to learn more about online wordle games.

Online word games are played Worldwide. Most of the time, these games are free. If you also want to know more about Wordle Game Free Onlinedo not leave this article without reading it, till the end.

Is Wordle Game Free To Play?

Many players are confused and asking whether wordle will be free or not. There is much confusion regarding this question. The publishing company of the wordle game is New York Times. As per some reports, the company has not disclosed any plan of monetising the wordle game yet. 

The company states that the wordle game will be free for both new and existing players. The company also has not thought about making any changes to the game. At present, players don’t need to purchase the game, and there are still Wordle Game Website Free Online.

History of  The Wordle Game

A software engineer, Josh Wordle, developed the wordle game. He created this game to play with his partner, but later the game gained so much popularity. As a result, Josh decided to bring the game to the public. 

The New York Time Company published the game after purchasing the game from Josh. But the amount is still undisclosed. 

The game became viral in 2022 on various social media platforms, and people have shown interest to play the game across the world. The game is also available in many other languages except English.

How to Play Wordle Game Free Online?

There are some specified rules for playing the wordle game. The player has to choose a five-letter word and guess the word. The players are given six attempts to guess the word. Once the player guesses a word, each letter will turn green, yellow or grey. 

When the letter turns green, it means the letter is correct. The yellow letter indicates the answer is correct but is not in the right position, and the grey letter indicates that the letter is not correct at all. 

If the players want, there is also the provision of using the dictionary to play Wordle Game Free Online.

By going through these rules, players have to play the game. Despite following the tips and tricks, many players fail to guess the word in the first attempt itself.

Besides English, players can also play in other languages, including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many other languages.


To play the wordle game, players have to visit a webpage and log in to the game. By applying the rules of the game, players can play it. 

Some players express their dissatisfaction when they fail to guess the correct word. But after two or three attempts, some of them can guess the correct word. 

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