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Wordle Game Play Online Free {April} Website Details!


The articles will describe Wordle Game Play Online Free. Get all the details about the gameplay of the Wordle game.    

Have you played any wordle game? Wordle is the most prevalent game played Worldwide. However, many players are unaware of the actual gameplay and the original site of Wordle. Many sites offer the same game as Wordle. Different developers have also launched Wordle’s various versions.

So in this article, we will impart all the necessary details about Wordle Game Play Online Free.

Speciality of Wordle

Wordle is an online game that anyone across the world can play. Wordle has gained utmost popularity since the day it was released. Players have to guess the five-letter words in the wordle game in six tries. Once played in a day, it can not be played the same day again.

Players can play it again at midnight as per their time zone. Wordle games help keep the mind active and are best suitable for people who are logophiles. There are trillions of words, and one of them will be the answer to a particular day. It is quite tricky but interesting.

Wordle Game Play Online Free

The Wordle game can be played online and for free on the official website of the Wordle game. In addition, Wordle is available on “The New York Times” website. Wordle was sold to The New York Times a few months back. Now, you can find the original Wordle game easily.

Although anyone can play the game, there is a game, Wordle Junior. Children can play that for easy words. Multiple games are like Wordle but have different gameplay. Players have to guess the words and submit them. To solve Wordle Game Play Online Free, players need to know at least basic words.

Gameplay Wordle

After opening the Wordle game website, six rows with five columns will appear. Players have to type the word and press enter. After pressing enter, you will find colours like green, yellow, and grey will appear. These colours indicate the following circumstances:

  1. The green colour indicates that the letter is included in the word and the correct position.
  2. The yellow colour indicates that the letter is included in the word but is placed in the wrong position.
  3. The Grey colour indicates that the letter is not included in the word

In Wordle Game Play Online Free, these colours will help you reach the correct word. You can also see the rules in the “How To Play” section of the game.


Wordle game is popular in almost all the countries in the world. Players are suggested to put words that have more vowels. Wordle is played online on the Wordle website. Players can also share their scores with their friends personally or on social media accounts. You will also find a streak option where you can see your game streaks. You can visit this link to know more about Wordle

What are your views on Wordle Game Play Online Free? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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