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Work Relax Table Review (Feb) Intelligent Desk-Safe Buy?

Work Relax Table Review 2020.
Work Relax Table Review (Feb) Intelligent Desk-Safe Buy? >> The guide shares details of the new table for professionals who work long hours on the laptop, and we will let you know about its authenticity.

Work Relax Table Review: Are you frustrated about working on your traditional work station? Do you experience back pain when working on your laptop? You don’t have to experience all these aches and pain while working on laptops as you have the most convenient and masterly designed desk for laptops that allow you to work from any angle. Work Relax Table is the most convenient laptop stand ever created and widely trusted Worldwide.  

Work Relax Table is the best laptop stand designed to adjust as per your comfort levels. Whether you are relaxing on the couch, sleeping in bed, or just sitting with your laptop, the laptop stand can be folded down to any angle for your convenience.      

What is Work Relax Table?

Considering the Work Relax Table Review, Work Relax Table is the intelligently designed laptop desk that can be folded down to any angle, conveniently working on the laptop. It requires no assembly and can be transported easily. The desk is designed to offer a comfortable and relaxing posture, regardless of where you are sitting. 

The Work Relax Table allows you to work on your laptop comfortably. Everything you need while working on a laptop is close to you as it comes with side bins attached to the desk. It allows storing the power banks, cell phones, pens, and other stationeries.

The legs of the desk are strong enough to withstand the weight of the table and the laptop. The desk comes with a cup holder to hold the coffee cup to stay hydrated after long work hours on the system. The laptop desk is designed using industrial grade aluminium, and its compact size allows you to carry the desk anywhere you want. Read the Work Relax Table Review for more information. 


  • Weight – Five Pounds
  • Material – Aluminium Alloy
  • Expand Size – 58×31×26cm/22.83×12.20×10.24 inches
  • Package Size – 30×40×20×cm/11.81×15.75×7.87 inches
  • Assembly Needed – No
  • Desk Material – Particle Boards
  • Leg Material – Aluminium 
  • Colours – Black, Grey, White, and Red

Pros of Work Relax Table

  • Convenient and comfortable desk for laptop
  • No assembly needed
  • It opens in one second
  • It can be used in any posture and anywhere
  • Shipped Worldwide 
  • Side bins on the table for cell and power banks
  • Industrial grade aluminium legs and particleboard desk
  • Cup holder for coffee mugs
  • Money-back guarantee on defective product 
  • Compact size easy to carry

Cons of Work Relax Table

  • Mixed Work Relax Table Review available online
  • Not suitable for high-end laptops with a big screen size
  • Quality of the board is average 
  • People also have packaging issues with the table

Is Work Relax Table Legit or Scam?

When evaluated, we have come across multiple reviews about Work Relax Table, both positive and negative. Besides, the product is available on different ecommerce websites with mixed reviews. It seems legit, but again we suggest that consumers must research the product before buying as there are mixed reviews available. 

Customers are having issues with the packaging and quality of the product. There are positive and negative reviews available. Plus, the product’s price varies on different portals and calls for research to make the right decision. With the help of unbiased reviews, one can make the right choice and learn about the legitimacy of Work Relax Table.

Work Relax Table Review from Customers

As mentioned, we have found many reviews on Work Relax Table. The product is available for sale on multiple ecommerce websites, and most portals have reviews from customers. Work Relax Table has managed to garner both positive and negative reviews. The product received a 4.7-star rating out of 5, and it makes the product seems legit. However, not all customers are equally satisfied.    

Customers have also given a one-star rating to the product because of the packaging issues and product quality. Buyers have received a damaged product, and they are having issues with replacement. Plus, consumers are not satisfied with the quality of the product and received a curve table. 

So, they have shared negative Work Relax Table Review. It becomes necessary for buyers to do research on Work Relax Table and make their buying decision accordingly to avoid getting duped. 


Work Relax Table is for those busy working professionals struggling with back pain due to long hours of working on laptops. It is a convenient working desk that allows you to work on your laptop in a relaxing and comfortable posture, regardless of where you are sitting. 

However, the product is available at different portals, and the price varies. We urge the buyers to compare the product on different portals and buy it from a legit website to avoid getting duped. Research is necessary because the product has received mixed reviews from the customers. 

If you have anything to add about the Work Relax Table or the Work Relax Table Review, please write it down in the comment section.

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  1. I ordered this table twice via PayPal (orders about 2 wks apart, the first a gift for granddaughter who said she liked it, so I ordered one for myself.. What I received was nothing like the picture. It was 3 pieces of junky thin plywood that notched together to form a triangle. I checked with g’daughter. Same thing. She had been too polite to badmouth a gift. Both sent from China. I filed a dispute and got my money back.

    So, how to know if you will get what is in the picture? I don’t know. Unfortunately, this experience and others like it (e.g. a “universal tripod head” that was not universal and didn’t fit the description), I am very hesitant to order anything from China. And PayPal says to get a refund you nave to send the product back and then ask for postage reimbursement.

  2. I ordered this item and received a shipment notice. Following the tracking number, it took forever to see any movement. When I FINALLY received the USPS tracking number, I followed it another few weeks before being notified that it had been delivered. I went to the mailbox and what did I find? NOT the work-relax table I ordered, but a freaking MEN’S WATCH!!!!!!!

    I have submitted a claim to PayPal as when I tried to go to the site I ordered from or contact customer service, it no longer exists!! Sure hope PayPal comes through.

  3. SCAM! I ordered this table from a company calling itself “Buynows” (one of the many fake names they use in advertisements) on December 11th. I received a note saying it was shipped on December 14th but a month later it had not arrived. I responded to the email (this one from “”) saying it had not arrived. They asked me to wait 5 more days and offered a 5% refund which I declined. They sent me a tracking number that said it was delivered on January 22nd but I was home all day and nothing of the sort was delivered. I checked my doorbell camera to confirm no package had been left. I opened a case with the local USPS and they said the tracking number was for a package the size of a paperback book that was left in the mailbox. Can you imagine the item in the photos fitting in a mailbox? I wrote back to the seller (whomever they are) asking for an answer and they never responded. I have opened a fraud case with the United State Postal Inspection Service. I see the exact same photos of this product sold by half a dozen different companies. BEWARE! They are all scammers! The closest I’ve found to a desk that looks like the one in the photos at a known legitimate retailer sells for more than $200. WHEN YOU SEE THIS PRODUCT AT A LOW PRICE IT IS A FRAUD, A SCAM, AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. I have put a fraud watch on my credit card because I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to steal that too.

    1. Dude!!! The same thing happened to me!! I wondered where that watch came from!! What the absolute hell?? I just hassled Canada post because I thought they just delivered to wrong house because I never got the table. They reimbursed me.

  4. I purchased 2 of this same item on Dec 16th, 2020, and today 2/16/2021 received 2 very tiny plastic stands that in no way resemble the above item. I am requesting a refund.

  5. ich habe das Teil am 15.12.2020 bestellt und bis heute nicht erhalten! Auf Anfrage bekam ich einen Tracking-Link, der besagte, dass ich das Paket bereits erhalten habe. Die Tracking Nummer wird für eine Nachverfolgung über DHL nicht anerkannt bzw. funktioniert nicht. Heute ist mir aber wieder eingefallen, dass ich irgendwann um den 10.2.21 einmal eine billige Arbeitsbrille aus Plastik erhalten habe, die ich nie bestellt habe…

  6. So – inzwischen habe ich den Umschlag gefunden in dem ich den Tisch angeblich erhalten habe. Trackingnummern stimmen über ein! Es war nicht die Brille sondern eine billige elektrische Zahnbürste drin – angegebener Wert 5 USD bezahlt hatte ich 32 USD – so gehts nicht!

  7. I purchased the Work Relax desk and got the 2 small stands instead. I have exchanged emails with “Xing Xing” who had the nerve to suggest I just give the item to a friend or family member since I “unfortunately ordered the wrong item”. I sent a screenshot of my order including the picture proving I did not mis-order, but they did not send the correct item. I now believe this is a scam business and am wondering what to do to get a refund if possible. Xing Xing says I can send it back on my dime, but if it “gets lost” or “doesn’t make it through customs” they won’t refund unless they have it and can resell it. My, how convenient. They can just say, “sorry charlie, we never received it.” They have you over a barrel. Any suggestions?

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