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Work Town NFT {Dec} Build Digital Assets By Using It!

Read this article to know all the facts and trending details of a newly launched NFT – The Work Town NFT.

Did you know that PlayDapp is trying to expand in the NFT market? PlayDapp had made a recent announcement that it is integrating coinbase wallet to PlayDapp. Did you know that it is trying to launch new games like DozerBird on the LINEBlockchain available on Google Play in Japan? Such games are a step towards penetrating the in-game NFT market.

Would you like to know more about the Work Town NFT in Brazil related to PlayDapp? Then, please read this article.

About Work Town:

PlayDapp Town was updated on 21st November 2021. PlayDapp already has the facility to connect with MetaMask and Portis wallets. The addition of Coinbase wallet will expand the market of PlayDapp, and the gamers can easily trade NFTs. PlayDapp Work NFTs can be exchanged with other NFTs due to Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function system. 

How do PlayDapp NFT works?

  • A player can exchange various NPCs and stands via various blockchain networks and marketplaces.
  • The open-source version will eventually increase NPCs and stands, giving new scope for transactions.

Price Statistics:

  • Token Symbol – PLA
  • Work Town NFT Price in USD – 2.38
  • In Brazilian real – R$13.35 
  • In BTC – 0.00004160
  • In ETH – 0.00055012 
  • Yesterday’s Low/High – $2.09/$2.53
  • 24h Low/24h High – $2.23/$2.53
  • 7d Low/7d High – $2.09/$3.50
  • 30d Low/30d High – $1.19/$3.68
  • 90d Low/90d High – $0.6531/$3.68
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High – $0.09696/$3.68
  • All-Time High – On 31st October 2021 (a month ago) at $3.68, the current price is less by 35.56%
  • All Time Low – 22nd June 2021 (5 months ago) at $0.09696, Current price is up by 2342.77%

Work Town NFT Market:

  • Volume/Market Cap – 0.3097
  • Market Dominance – 0.00%
  • Market Rank# 238
  • Market Cap – $572,245,298.53, up by 5.56%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $1,658,034,759.54, up by 5.56%

Trading trends:

  • Trading Volume 24h – $177,250,333.33, up by 50.22%
  • 24Hrs Open/Close – $2.40/$2.51
  • 24Hrs Change – 4.74%
  • 24Hrs Volume – $211,316,239.65
  • Price Change 24h – $0.1309, up by 5.83%


  • Circulating Supply – 241,594,277 PLA
  • Total and Max Supply – 700,000,000 PLA

PlayDapp NFT Price prediction:

  • End of December 2021 – $2.555
  • December 2022 – $3.913
  • December 2023 – $5.263
  • December 2024 – $6.618
  • December 2025 – $7.985

How to buy Work Town NFT?

  • Fund your digital wallet (MetaMask, etc.) with ETH
  • Connect your wallet with PlayDapp
  • Buy PlayDapp Town Playz NFT packets


1Q. What is the official PLA NFT address to buy?

1 Ans. The official Contract Address to buy PLA NFT is 0x3a4f40631a4f906c2BaD353Ed06De7A5D3fCb430


PLA is a new concept that is trying to build digital assets without Crypto support. Though the price predictions show a stable increase in PLA price, as crypto is subjected to Market Risks and All-Time-Low price was just five months back, we advise you to invest in small amounts.

Did you find the Work Town NFT article informative? Please let us know your views on PLA NFT by commenting in the below section.

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