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Top 7 Working Tips to Improve Your Kid’s Test Scores

Whether your child is preparing for a spelling or math test, it is important to help them at that moment. Whether the support is a moral one or with the completion of homework, it can help boost your child’s test scores.

Whether taking practice at home by using Flash Cards or Memory booster revision notes, there is a lot of effort as a parent you need to put in to get the desired results.

For kids to score better in a class test or any competitive exam, it is significant for both parents and children to work as a team to yield better results in examinations.

So here, we are providing you with the top 7 working tips; as a parent or coach, you should implement and improve your kid’s Test scores. Then, implement it to score better in tests and exams.

1)-Create a perfect study space for your Kids

Does your child have that one proper study space with a desk or table? Some corner or space, which is only prioritized for kid’s study, where the child can keep their books and study material handy? And is that space distraction free? Does it help your child in studying better or not? These are some questions you must ask yourself if you want your child to score better on tests.

Perfect study space will help the child focus and concentrate on his studies. To help your child out with difficulties in studies, you can hire a private tutor.

2)-Keep a Planner

Time management is a very important aspect to consider while preparing for a test. In addition, it is an important skill to learn and Execute by kids of all ages to score better on the test. 

 Keeping a Daily study Planner helps in instructing for exams and is organized and easy. Make a Study Planner with a kid’s Test timetable and other Important Assignments, Dates, and Project dates. Mark when it has to be completed, set a deadline, and target the syllabus into mini-goals.

Breaking down the syllabus into mini-goals will help accomplish them and increase a child’s confidence to study better.

3) – Make Revision Notes

While attending a lecture in class or learning something in online classes, it is a must for kids to make revision notes. 

Studies show that jotting down notes on paper helps better retention than noting them on mobile phones or laptops.

Noting it on a piece of paper can directly fit the topic in a child’s brain for a very long time. Teaching your child how to make revision notes will ease their work for the test. It will be very easy to revise for the exams with the help of handwritten notes.

4) – Practice more to perform better

Either a written test or an oral one, exams are conducted to check the knowledge of the child. A child must make the most of the concept by practicing it.

So, a child must read the topic and solve practice sets and assignments to get a complete overview of the concept learned.

Also, as a parent, you must ask your child questions regarding the current topic learned and give them some test questions for practice.

5) – Assign a Tutor For Help

Often, kids are unable to express their thoughts and struggle with a topic or some hard concept. Whether it is a Math Problem or some science topic, whatever it may be, they don’t tell their parents directly.

Parents cannot help the child then, so assigning a personal or group tutor may help. 

KIS Academy is one such online tutoring program that provides one-to-one tutors who can help children to clear the concept, learn it and implement it in tests with an easy and friendly approach.

6) – Make studying fun

Kids love to study when it is fun to learn. However, if you as a parent are someone who scolds or shouts at your child while studying, it can affect the child’s studies.

Studies show that scolding, beating,g or prescribing kids may affect your parent-child bond and demotivate them from studying.

If the child is helped in a loving and friendly manner, it can help to improve their test score and also improve parent-children bonds.

7) – Avoid Distraction

A distraction-free Environment is a must for kids to study and perform better in tests or exams. Unfortunately, social Media can be the greatest distraction these days. So it is better to avoid social media while studying.

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