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World Curling Standings 2021 (May) Find Out More Here!

World Curling Standings 2021 (May) Find Out More Here! >> This post tells you about a sport and the rank of teams in a related ongoing tournament.

Sports make for an ideal form of entertainment. It’s fantastic to see people get together and support their national team. 

The World Mixed Curling Championship is going on, and people are cheering for their teams. So, please continue reading this post without skipping anything to know the World Curling Standings 2021.

This article will mention all the crucial details about this sport, this tournament, the latest team standings, and all the other relevant details. This sport enjoys popularity in Canada, the United States, and some other regions. 

What is Curling?

Curling is a popular sport in some countries, but it doesn’t enjoy huge global popularity like some other sports. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had never heard of this sport before.

It’s a team sport and is a part of prominent tournaments like the Olympics, the Paralympics, etc. We’ll get to World Curling Standings 2021 soon. 

It’s played for men’s, women’s, mixed doubles, and wheelchair teams. This sport is played on ice, where teams slide a granite stone towards a target, called the House.

The captain and vice-captain of the teams are called Skip and Vice-Skip, respectively. A standard team consists of four players, while mixed doubles have one male and female player. In some cases, there’s also a fifth player called the Alternate, who is a substitute player.

What is the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship? 

  • World Curling Standings 2021 has become a trending query because of this ongoing tournament, as users want to know the position of teams in the tournament.
  • The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship is a tournament played between the top curling teams in the world.
  • This year, the tournament began on 17th May after being delayed due to the Coronavirus.
  • This tournament is being held in Aberdeen, Scotland, under the essential security protocols.
  • The final is scheduled for 23rd May.
  • Users can watch this tournament on the World Curling Facebook page and YouTube channel.
  • It’s also available on television channels in some countries.

Current World Curling Standings 2021

  • The round-robin phase will last for five days, where the top three teams in each group will advance to the next stage.
  • Only the seven top teams will qualify for the Olympics next year. China has already qualified as it’s the host country.
  • Currently, in group A, Scotland, Canada and Italy are the top three teams, respectively.
  • In group B, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland are the top three teams, respectively.
  • Spain and Estonia are at the bottom of each group.

Wrapping It All

The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship is ongoing. You may find more details about this sport here.

The information about World Curling Standings 2021 is mentioned above, along with all the other crucial details; please look at it. We request you to celebrate this sporting event responsibly and not violate any safety and health guidelines. 

What do you know about this sport? Please mention it in the comments block below.

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