News Reviews (April) Everything You Need To Know! Reviews 2021. Reviews (April) Everything You Need To Know! >> Please have a look at this website and we will also reveal about the saddest part of this website that is concerned with animal cruelty.

Do you want to get a job and earn a good income?  Well, these Reviews is for you.

You might have heard about job vacancies on in the advertisement before, and in this review, you will know about these job vacancies. This is a platform where two roosters fight, and it telecast live fights of cocks or roosters and gives you a chance to bet on one rooster.

Despite considering it as inhuman behavior of getting animals in serious injuries, many countries bet in live fights. It sounds different, and it might not be legal in many countries, but this platform is very famous in the Philippines.

Let us move further and know more about this betting platform and Wpit18 Com Registration.

What is

This is a website or a platform where thousands of people watch live roosters fighting, and on this platform, you must have 100 points; otherwise, you can’t take part. It has been gaining massive popularity in the Philippines.

Because the minimum betting starts from 100 points and goes on and after betting points, you get more points if you win as per the rate of profit points at that time, and if you lose, you will lose points that you have a bet. 

But if you want to apply online and register to this platform and know is this platform legit or not, then please stay tuned to these reviews.

How to do Wpit18 Com Registration?

You only have to follow some simple steps to register on this platform. The steps are as follows: 

  • Go to
  • Then go to the register new account option.
  • Fill in some details like your name, mobile number, Facebook id, and so.
  • After doing that, wait for account approval.
  • Then you should have a minimum of 100 points to enter this platform.
  • Dome will show you the live tournaments that you can bet on. That’s all you have to do for the Registration.

Is Legit or Safe?

So, far Reviews, we have looked at some facts related to this platform. By looking at that and many reviews, it might be possible that this platform is legit to get a job or to bet on a tournament.

But when we browsed on Google, this online site does not open and error message have shown. Also, the creation date of the website is 19th December 2020. Moreover, we are not able to find anything related to the site. So, there is another possibility that if the website is not working and have displayed error, so it may not be a legit site. 

Still, these kinds of tournaments are not legal in many countries. This kind of game or platform supports violence, and it is tough for roosters to survive after getting into such violence. Reviews: Conclusion

We believe that you will get a job as an agent and earn good money. But the job probably has something to do with gambling or rooster fighting tournaments. You might not consider that an ideal job because it involves violence and is also regarded as inhuman behavior. 

Also, these days various foundations and NGOs are working to protect animals from the cruelty. So, we would request humbly that not to cruel to the animals and treat them like the creatures of God. 

Please do share Reviews if you want to share the truth behind this website and also do not forget to comment in the comments section below.


  1. im just wondering about the cash out, when players win, does it have to go to the agents gcash first before he sends it to my gcash? why cant my cash out go straight to my own gcash

  2. What will I put down the enter details of depits on my dashboard in wallet station to cash inn ? It’s hard for me to understand because when I attempt cash cash inn it will be always failed.

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