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Write For Us Copywriting Guest Post – Read Guidelines!

Please scroll down to the article Write For Us Copywriting Guest Post and learn the essential things of this writing.

Are you interested in copywriting? Do you know how to do this kind of writing? Our portal has come with an opportunity for copywriters. In this article, we will discuss the writing protocols of copywriting in our portal. 

But we must briefly describe our portal before checking the rule of Write For Us Copywriting Guest Post.

Know Our Portal: Dodbuzz.com  

  • In our portal, we deal with three types of writing. These are:
  • News: We provide well-informed and trending news articles in our portal.
  • Crypto: Readers learn about the recent investment policy and the current values of these currencies.
  • Review: We do website and product reviews and bring out facts through our research.

Guidelines Of Write for Us Copywriting

  • Your content must be 100% plagiarism free.
  • Your content must deal with the relevant facts of the concerned topic. We do not want fillers in content.
  • It would help to verify the spam score of the links you put in your content. We can accept a 3 % spam score at maximum for any link.
  • It is necessary to give internal and external links for Write For Us + Copywriting and turn it into blue and green accordingly.
  • You must be careful and selective in choosing words for your content. 
  • Your content must get a Grammarly score of 99+.
  • Your write-up must remain between more or less 500 and 1000 words.
  • It would help if you also gave an appropriate heading to your content and subheadings.

Benefits Of Copywriting “Write For Us”

  • You will get an instant and already established platform for your content.
  • Your content may receive a good SERP rank.
  • By reading your article, the readers will gain knowledge on copywriting.
  • A strong connection between readers and writers may build up through writing.

Suggested Topics

  • Different types of copywriting
  • How can copywriting inspire oneself?
  • What are the implications of copywriting?

How To Reach Us

For any copywriting-related queries, you can connect with us at braydenwilson763@gmail.com. You can send your sample article to the same address.


 For Write For Us + “Copywriting”we will suggest our readers try this writing opportunity once if they have the potential to do copywriting.  

But before you proceed, you must read the writing protocols carefully as it has many benefits. Moreover, it would help if you did not imitate writing from anywhere. 

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