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Do you have a fresh idea of customer service management and its changing role in the digital era? CRM has always played a supporting and facilitating role for every company in different industries. Call centers outsourcing are the best example of CRM changes made in the recent past.

Digitalization has given more avenues to the company in the form of social media networks. Dodbuzz Com guest post on customer services is a unique opportunity for writers, experts, and companies to share their ideas with a global audience by contributing to the Write for Us CRM post.

Who are we?

Dodbuzz Com portal is a digital media player with expertise in website reviews, product reviews, and news categories. Gaming is also an important niche covered by the website for online gamers.

It mainly specializes in the website review section, as thousands of online shoppers visit the platform to read its legit reviews. Product reviews contain a detailed analysis of the concerned item with features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

The rich human resource of the website is responsible for creating unbiased content that has attracted thousands of visitors to Dodbuzz. The news section covers current events of global interests.

“Write For Us CRM Blog Guest Post:

Dodbuzz guest post is designed to benefit each player participating in this process. Contributors can create an article per their needs and take various advantages from it. Writers and CRM experts can share their unique ideas and suggestions with a diverse section of visitors coming to the site and getting their feedback. 

The regular reader of the website will get content from other niches, while Dodbuzz will attract additional visitors from the CRM niche. A business entity can write about its services and expertise and begin its brand-building process with guest post. Write For Us + CRM Blog will surely add to the company’s brand value as Dodbuzz has credibility in the global digital media space.

What type of Contributor are we looking for?

  • A person having knowledge of the CRM industry.
  • Company working as CRM service provider for a different industry.
  • Education institutions looking to promote their CRM courses.
  • Experts having futuristic views on the CRM industry.
  • Writers having the ability to create quality content on CRM.
  • Social media experts of the company.

Type of content accepted by Dodbuzz Com:

  • We accept an article that is unique and is being published for the first time.
  • CRM Blog “”Write For Us”” content should be well researched and supported by facts and figures. 
  • The article should be proofread before submission.
  • Content related to customer service management will only be accepted.

Benefits for Contributors writing for CRM Guest posts:

  • Writers on CRM will get thousands of visitors already visiting the site.
  • They can check different metrics of guest posts and judge their writing skills.
  • New business player credibility will increase due to their association with Dodbuzz.
  • The company can share its story with a global audience.

Guidelines for writing CRM Guest posts:

These are important guidelines, and each contributor should follow them while developing guest post content. It will also help Write For Us + “”CRM Blog””” get a higher ranking in the organic result of SERP.

  • Content should have a minimum of 1000 words, as some editing may shorten the content length.
  • The writer should get accustomed to the SEO guidelines of search engines and follow them while developing content.
  • The article’s title should be connected with the content and must be able to attract the readers to the website.
  • Contributors should try to avoid grammatical errors and submit content with a grammar score of 100.
  • We expect the content maker to attach two links to the article.
  •  Write for Us CRM article submitted to us should not be shared with any other publication.
  • Content should be free of any plagiarism.
  • Headings and subheadings should contain meaningful content under it.
  • No link in the content should have a spam score of more than 2-3%.

Topics that can be covered under CRM Guest post:

  • Topic related to customer experience.
  • Tips for customer services.
  • Role of social media in CRM.
  • Live chat support.
  • Online Ticket services.

How to submit the guest post on Dodbuzz Com?

CRM experts and writers interested in creating content for the guest post can contact us at


Write for Us CRM is an excellent initiative for experts, writers, and companies related to customer services. They can share their ideas and work with thousands of regular visitors to Dodbuzz. Additionally, contributors facing difficulty can write us at the above email address or share their queries in the comment section.

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