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Are you penetrating a pleasant platform for opportunities like Write for Us + Mental Health? Read below if you wish to join us for content writing.

Have you been looking for opportunities like guest posts? Do you want to share your writing on mental health? Please don’t waste time and reach out to us, but before doing so, keep reading the below sections to know more about us.

Nowadays, guest blogging has flourished globally, and many individuals search for suitable companies according to their choice for writing purposes. In addition, guest posting helps in elevating the writer’s career. So, if you love writing on mental health-focused topics, you can apply and Write for Us + Mental Health

Describing Our Portal: 

We, Dodbuzz, are an online platform that provides mental health-oriented articles for our readers. Since we produce content digitally, we are not only limited to gaining traffic from any specific location but are open to a global audience. Thousands of authors visit our website daily to gain informative and understandable articles. 

So, we are open to you, and if you are confident in pitching articles for us, we welcome you with our open hands. But, we prefer you to undergo the below passage carefully to notice the perks you can avail yourself of after uniting with us. 

Why Select Our Write For Us Mental Health Option?

Creating and publishing content is one of the best ways to learn and earn simultaneously. Moreover, if you want to explore more about this industry, you can refer to our platform and start working with us. 

Besides, our editorial team works on various topics around mental health by providing only the latest updates to ensure that readers should learn about the topic deeply. Therefore, after joining our platform, you will notice many opportunities. So, to know more about the benefits, kindly glimpse at the below pointers- 

  • You will get more benefits and promotions after you become well-versed with our practices for the Write For Us Mental Health Guest Post offer.
  • Upon giving us quality and desirable content, your writing will gradually give you more audience and followers with time.
  • Once you start writing for us, you can learn more tools required for your articles, adapt achievable time distribution practices, etc. 
  • If you initiate posting content on our platform, your writing will gain maximum publicity because we have an abundance of reciters for mental health. 

So, we hope you have fetched what we serve to our contributors from the above-pointers. If you find us an ideal platform to work with, you must carefully check our necessary regulations illustrated below to be approved for our Mental Health “Write For Us” opportunity.

Instructions You Must Obey:

  • The write-up must be unique to get approved by our team. So, if, unfortunately, we find your content duplicated, we will refuse to consider you for collaboration.
  • Your article should have 500 to 1200 words. However, you cannot mention inappropriate sentences randomly to increase the word count.
  • You can explain your thoughts on mental health-oriented topics utilizing bullet points to make them more captivating.
  • The content you will provide within the article should align with the assigned keyword. 
  • The write-up should not judge any religion or someone’s ethnicity. Moreover, we want you to keep the writing unbiased. 
  • Your Write For Us + “Mental Health” writing should be composed of more active voice-sentence and less passive voice.
  • Two or three do-follow links should be within the article, with a spam score of only 1 to 3. However, extending the same will lead to direct rejection. 
  • We want to maintain the keyword gap and placement properly and avoid the practice of keyword stuffing. 
  • Most importantly, we want writers that should have basic knowledge of mental health and can create surrounding articles.
  • After you send us the article, you can’t distribute it on other websites. 

These are some essential rules that we desire from you to take care of when making any Write for Us + Mental Health content. Therefore, you can associate with us if you are confident in obeying our norms. 

The File Submission Process:

For working with us, please send us a sample article, which will give us an estimate of your writing skills. So, the next step would be submitting the write-up to You can also learn more about us by visiting our platform Dodbuzz

Recommended Topics To Write On:

You can write on any mental health-related topics by sending us the article. Moreover, you can also take references from below about the topics. 

  • Psychological disorders.
  • Stress management practices.
  • Maintaining happy mood tricks.


This Write for Us + Mental Health offer is for early birds who want a bright career in the content writing field. So, please send us a write-up on any mental health topics based on our guidelines to join us. Do you have any confusion? Please mention the query in the comment box. 

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