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Are you seeking paths to enter our firm and Write for Us Pen guest posts? Get more information from the forthcoming passages.

Have you been wondering about getting maximum exposure for your content and products? Do you know about our delicious and valuable opportunity to write for us? Please check out the below sections carefully to understand what lies ahead.

The writing industry has achieved remarkable fame since the whole universe is undergoing digitalization. As a result, many businesses collaborate with others to make profits. So, the Internet paved the way for our careers to take off. Thus, today, we will deliver you the Write for Us Pen details. 

Read About Us

Dodbuzz is an online portal that publishes articles on various topics to cover all its trendy news and updates, facilitating individuals from all over the globe to gain a good grasp on it. We are growing and reaching millions of people who want to learn from unbiased and trustworthy writing pieces.

Therefore, our vision is to create and improve a common place where anyone from any global region can learn about everything. The main mantra of our success is our talented and honest writers, so if you are thinking of associating with us, kindly read below.

Reasons To Consider And “Write For Us Pen Blog Guest Post

We can give you plenty of reasons to associate with us, but below we will state the important ones to you only, so please be attentive here. —

  • If your content seems fascinating to our readers, you will see your audience grow effortlessly.
  • More readers will give a complete disclosure of your business or product.
  • You will gain experience with time, leading you to increase your value.

Salient Pointers To Be Considered

Now, as you know us, we would like you to review our guidelines from below, depending on which you have to deliver your sample write-up. 

  • Only fresh, engaging, informative Write For Us + Pen Blog writings are approved in our company. So, please ensure to research well to start working with us. 
  • We want your content to be relevant to the given keyword. If you provide misleading details different from the topic, our team might decline your application.
  • If you decide to work with us, you should send the article to us containing a minimum of 1000 words. It will assist our team in reviewing your writing tone, fluency, etc., appropriately. 
  • Adding bullet points wherever necessary is advised to break the chunks of sentences.  
  • If you want to include images, then please ensure that it must be fitting to your Pen Blog “”Write For Us”” content. 
  • The article must be easy-to-read, understandable and error-free.
  • Formatting of headings and external and internal links should be done as guided by the seniors. The links you will add, primarily the external link, must provide the legit supplementary details of the topic. 
  • Our readers like to read only those articles that provide realistic solutions or tips about the topic.
  • We advise authors to use more active voice within sentences and comparatively less passive voice. Therefore, we also want you to follow the same rule so that the content will rank higher more quickly. 
  • You can give the do-follow links in the Write For Us + “”Pen Blog””” article with a spam score of only 1 to 3.
  • We do not allow writing with keywords stuffed within it; however, it would be best if you place the keywords to make meaningful sentences. Also, we suggest you construct a heading with the provided keyword to gain more traffic.

We believe that you have read the above instructions, and sadly if we monitor you breaking any of our rules, we will have the right to reject your proposal immediately. 

What Topics Do We Expect?

Choosing a unique topic plays a crucial role in attracting the audience, so you can use any of the understated topics for the Write for Us Pen write-up-

  • Evolution And Importance Of Pens.
  • Pens Derivatives.
  • Pen Brands and Trends.

The Contacting Method

We hope you are ready with the sample article as you will get a chance to communicate with us here. So, finally, let us reveal that is our email address where you have to submit your write-up. 

After sending the article, all you have to do is wait for a few days to get reviewed by our editors. As soon as it gets inspected, we will contact you with the email address you used earlier to submit the writing. 


We wish you the best of luck in sending us the Write for Us Pen content, and we hope that you have prepared desirable and best-ever content. You can tour our platform  if you have any queries or want to know more about our format. Observe further information regarding pens here.

Are you excited to join us? Please write your feelings below.  

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