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Read complete details on writing a shopping post for our platform. Also, learn about guidelines for Write for Us Shopping posts.

You may be aware that these days, unique products can be delivered worldwide due to millions of e-stores available on the internet. But, after shopping, some customers feel they should not have bought the product; their purchase decision was out of curiosity.

If you know about shopping, your knowledge could be a source to guide shoppers. You can spread your know-how among our global readers by submitting a Write for Us Shopping post on our platform.

Introduction to our platform:

We publish many articles daily on our website. Our publication covers broad topics related to website and product reviews, the latest trends and news; travel and entertainment; business, finance, gaming, trending topics, health, Etc.

While product reviews and reviews on shopping websites are published regularly, our global readers also want to know general information about shopping. Most of the product reviews and website reviews cover the products available online. But what about the articles based on local stores at a particular location only?

It would be interesting to know about general shopping trends in Write For Us Shopping Guest Post. The product and shopping website reviews cover specific information related to specific products and websites. Hence, we are focused on providing shopping tips to our audience shopping write for us.

Skill set required for shopping write for us posts:

The writer should have good knowledge about shopping and related factors influencing it, such as gift cards, reward programs, etc. He must be able to research and understand topics related to shopping. Writers with good written communication skills are preferred.

You need not be a professional, a person with certification, or a degree in shopping-related fields. However, your experience as a blogger and writer of guest posts is valued.

Guidelines for Shopping “Write For Us” posts:

  1. Your post can cover topics such as taking advantage of discounts, coupons, promotions, Etc.,
  2. Your post can be on general items or specific product,
  3. We do not support advertising products related to your own/other’s company,
  4. Your post should not include promotional or advertisement links,
  5. You may write an article on tips to buy online and in-store,
  6. Types of shopping and shoppers, making a shopping list, wish list
  7. Planning on shopping and eliminating/post-pounding non-priority items,
  8. Your post could cover shopping information related to refunds, returns, restocking fees, cancellations,
  9. You can include information about customer reviews and ratings, 
  10. Finding the right fit product, its alternatives, and more.

SEO guidelines on Write For Us + Shopping posts:

  • Your write-up should focus on topics related to shopping only,
  • The shopping guest post must be free from grammatical errors and plagiarism,
  • The article must organize information in a flow and include proper headings, sub-heads, bullet points, Etc.,
  • The write-up must have key-word consistency and at least two follow-up links,
  • You should include at least two related pictures that can be publicly accessed (no copyright)
  • The article should reach the word limit target of 800 to 1000 words,
  • Your article must be polite and avoid passive voice,
  • Avoid repetitive information and redundancy in Write For Us + “Shopping” posts,
  • The article should provide factual details about shopping and related topics by eliminating misinformation,
  • The information in your article should be from reliable sources.

Submitting shopping write for us posts:

Please refer to our ‘Contact Us page to know the email address for submitting your write-ups. You may submit a sample shopping write for us (or) you may submit your articles for publication to

Once your article is received, it will be reviewed and gauged on the guidelines, as mentioned earlier. We reserve the right to delete, edit, or modify any part of your article which is not required or unnecessary. 

If your Write for Us Shopping article gets approved, we will contact you before publishing it. Once your article is approved, you cannot submit the same write-up to any other website or platform.


The writer of shopping posts should be able to explain shopping topics to our global audience in easily understandable terminology. The shopping articles should have a high-reliability score. If you have good knowledge about shopping, you can write a guest post on shopping on our platform. You may also share your shopping experience. A certification or a degree is not required to write shopping articles on our platform.

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