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The article Write for Us Story describes the conditions for presenting the guest post articles to the dodbuzz team along with the submission rules.

Does the word “story” brighten your mood? Do you know that there are no age restrictions for hearing or telling stories? Our stories have the power to give wings to our minds. It is like teleporting to another world; it holds lots of emotions. So if you are a person who can tell a good story and grasp and capture the attention of our readers, we heartily welcome you to the Write for Us Story guest post.

Dodbuzz website

Many think that our website publishes only reviews, technology news, business tips, investments, cryptocurrency, laws, health tips, travel ideas, etc. Nonetheless, we are the only team to reach every individual, regardless of age. We are proud to say that dodbuzz has reached school kids also.

We have decided to publish stories, but it doesn’t mean stories for kids alone. We tried something different. Here, the stories are for everyone. So we need the guest post contributors to tell us their stories to our professionals, researchers, mommies, educators, kids, youngsters, global readers, etc.

Outlook of “Write For Us Story Blog Guest Post

The Dodbuzz team offers an opportunity to work with them but, that is not based on educational qualifications because words need perfection, not a degree.

  • Stories don’t come under a specific college degree, but they should look like real stories, which can steal readers’ hearts. Such graduates in English literature, journalism, mass communication, and psychology can make their attempts. We again repeat that it is not mandatory to learn these skills or have these degrees. 
  • The article should contain the requirements of a story; they are the main theme, plot, structure, narrative, and tone of conveying, the characters, moral etc 
  • Every Write For Us + Story Blog article doesn’t mean a childhood bedtime story. There are stories for everyone, so they should fall under the following categories: inspirational stories, psychological stories, how to write a story, basic requirements of storytelling, modern business stories, real-life stories, character building, plot selection, moral stories, historical ones, etc.
  • Please don’t copy someone else’s story because we are the people who grew up listening to our old grandma’s stories. However, writers shouldn’t do the same with their readers, they can get inspiration from nature, their workplace, home, current events, famous people.
  • Authors can give wings to their imagination but within certain limits.


Story Blog “”Write For Us”” Articles should adhere to the following rules because even the stories should be delivered in the correct format.

  • Strictly speaking, we don’t accept any mature content stories.
  • It is not necessary to focus only on stories; writers can also pick other ways to give justification to the topic.
  • We don’t want to set the exact word limit. But please don’t write novels.
  • Writers should not make any grammar or spelling mistakes because writers are an inspiration for many young kids.
  • Writers shouldn’t spread any rumours in the name of stories. Don’t promote any specific books or authors.
  • Write For Us + “”Story Blog””” Article should have a good readability score.

Availing benefits

The Dodbuzz team offers some benefits for our guest post authors. They are

  • Getting the proper recognition for their work. The writer’s name will be displayed on the article’s topic and get featured on the website for extended periods.
  • Since our readers are from various backgrounds, the writers may get a chance to interact with some famous book authors. Or maybe given any additional opportunities
  • Their article will get a good impression on the internet.

How to contact us:

Because the only way to contact the Dodbuzz website is via email, writers should send their Write for Us Story guest work to this mail address And our team will respond within 24 hours or as early as possible. The writer’s patience is much appreciated.

Writers can share their biography along with the submission. It will help us reach the authors soon. And we didn’t limit the number of submissions. Multiple submissions are allowed, but don’t overdo it. A writer can seek the help of our editors; they will guide them. But the selected articles will be modified before being published on our platform if necessary.


Writers are requested to present the article with fresh content. Don’t submit the plagiarised Write for Us Story article. We may reject it after evaluation. And they shouldn’t repost the same content on other platforms. The selected articles belong to the Dodbuzz team. So the writer should acknowledge this condition. 

Visit here for more information on stories.

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